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WBA Title Fights:

Stanley Ketchel CH (21-1) vs Frank Klaus #4 (17-2-1)

Ketchel took on Klaus, the NABF champ, whom he had beaten earlier. Ketchel got off to a slow start, and Klaus piled up a points lead in the first four rounds. The two went toe-to-toe in round 5, then in the middle rounds the champion took control while Klaus (perhaps unwisely) chose to sit on his lead. Ketchel continued to dictate the action, and in the 9th round Klaus was severely cut. Ketchel continued to apply the pressure and the bout was stopped due to cuts a few rounds later. Ketchel wins by TKO in the 12th.

Stanley Ketchel CH (22-1) vs Paddy Levin #2 (19-3-1)

Ketchel continued to take on all comers by accepting the challenge of the European champion in this title bout. Ketchel dominated once again, scoring an early KD, withstood a strong fifth round by the challenger, then went back to work, pounding out two more KDs in round 9 which led to the stoppage. Ketchel by TKO 9.

Stanley Ketchel CH (23-1) vs Billy Papke #1 (15-0)

These two great MWs -- who fought several titanic battles in real-life -- met for the title for the first time, Papke establishing his credentials with 15 straight wins, including the USBA belt. Papke did well boxing on the outside in the early rounds, staying away from Ketchel's power. Ketchel got in some good shots in round 2, then began to dominate with a strong round 3. This forced Papke to shift tactics, mixing it up more in round four. By round 5, Papke had absorbed so much punishment his right eye was swollen and he was cut over the left eye. The bout was stopped a round later. Ketchel by TKO 6.

Stanley Ketchel CH (24-1) vs Cyclone Johnny Thompson #7 (20-8)

Ketchel, who had won their prior encounter via a TKO in round one, gave Thompson a rematch with the WBA title on the line. Ketchel began on the inside, as usual, then took a few steps back to apply the pressure from the outside in round two. Thompson had no response, another TKO win for Ketchel. Ketchel by TKO 2.

Stanley Ketchel CH (26-1) vs Eddie McGoorty #4 (17-2)

After taking time to challenge a LH contender (Haghey), Ketchel defended his crown against promising youngster Eddie McGoorty. McGoorty was sporting a mouse under one eye by the end of just two rounds, Ketchel having his way inside.
McGoorty tried his luck on the inside in round three, but Ketchel would not be stopped. He stepped up the pace, and the bout ended in round 5 when McGoorty was down three times. Ketchel by TKO 5.

NABF: Frank Klaus defended twice, besting Frank Fields (UD 12) and Bob Moha (TKO 4).

USBA: Papke defended versus Cyclone Johnny Thompson (KO 1) and the aging vet Tommy Ryan (TKO 7).

CBU (Commonwealth): TC Arthur Nyland won the belt from fellow Brit Mark Slater and defended versus TCs Gary Overly and Quinton Wade (all UD 12).

GBU: Passed back and forth among TCs Wade and Slater, Wade regaining the crown via a SD 12 verdict over Slater.

EBU: Paddy Levin holds the crown, but did not defend it in 1908.

Jan 1909 Rankings (perf pts and changes from last year in parens)

Champ Stanley Ketchel 27-1 (26) (1101) (NC)
1. Billy Papke 15-1 (14) (790) (up 1)
2. Paddy Levin 19-4-1 (9) (672) (down 1)
3. Frank Klaus 19-3-1 (13) (662) (up 1)
4. Eddie McGoorty 17-3 (15) (573) (up 2)
5. Kid Locke 22-10-1 (5) (496) (NC)
6. Hugo Kelly 20-9 (12) (429) (up 3)
7. Cyclone Johnny Thompson 20-9 (14) (422) (up 1)
8. Kid Carter 27-14-1 (21) (381) (up 2)
9. Walter Coffey 14-4 (8) (375) (up 3)
10. Frank Fields 20-10-2 (14) (375) (up 4)

Everyone at Prime except for Papke and Coffey, who are still at Pre-Prime until they hit 20 bouts, and Carter, who shifts to Post as 1909 was his real-life retirement year. Ketchel, who was shot to death in 1910, will under my rules hit Post-Prime after only one more year, possibly putting an end to a dominating period of performance. Two from last year not in the Top 10 this time around are Tommy Ryan (was #3), who retired, and Frank Craig, who hit Post-Prime and dropped from 7th to #11 with some bad results. Papke, whose only loss was to Ketchel, and Klaus, who has won 9 of 10, are the best of the rest.

The one retirement was the all-time great WW and MW champ, Tommy Ryan. His career stats from my universe:

1887-1908 73-12-1 (60) WBA Champ at both WW and MW

Ryan's 60 KOs are the most by any boxer; his 86 bouts place him second (behind Young Griffo) in that category. Ryan, in his final bout, was beaten by Billy Kramer, whose record stands at 11-0 (5), making him the top MW prospect due to his wins over Ryan and Sailor Burke. Germany's Frank Mantell stands at 12-0 (7) but his record is based on bouts against a series of TCs. Joe Thomas at 11-3 (8) sports a win over Bob Moha, whose 10-4 (5) record puts him next on the list. Jack Fitzgerald lost to Coffey to fall to a 7-2(5) mark. Three undefeated prospects, Al Rogers (5-0), Mike Gibbons (4-0) and Bill Fleming (3-0) look to gain more experience in 1909 before taking on stronger competition. Finally, there is a good crop of newcomers for 1909, led by two real-life MW champs, Al McCoy and George Chip. So, things look interesting for the future years.

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