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1908-Flyweights and Pound-For-Pound

This is the final report for the 1908 results. No rankings yet for the flyweights, but after two years of history the two top prospects are, of course, the two Brits who were the first recognized as World Flyweight champions: Sid Smith and Bill Ladbury. However, despite a later start, Ladbury has a better record: 7-0 (3), all wins versus TCs, of course. Smith, however, was tripped up in January 1908, losing on a TKO 1 on a cut to TC Kyle York. York has to date lost his 6 remaining bouts. Smith's record stands at 8-1 (5). The only respectable mark by any of the TCs is a 3-2-2 record compiled by Joe Wilson, another Brit whom I named after an unrated boxer from the early days of the division.

Look for no FLY title bouts for another year or so, although I'm certainly tempted to match Ladbury and Smith together some time in 1909. Probably the first bout will be for a GBU title, since right now most of the flyweights are Brits. No newcomers to the division in 1909, but expect a couple more in 1910 and again in 1911 -- so a few more years to get up to full strength.

Finally, the pound-for-pound feature. Quite a few changes in the Top Ten overall list, reflecting of course the fact that titles changed hands in most of the divisions, in a few cases more than once. Here's the list with performance points duly noted (and changes from the last Top 10 from year-end 1907 also tracked):

1. Abe Attell, FW (WBA Champ), 1217 (up 5)
2. Jack Johnson, HW (USBA Champ), 1212 (up 2)
3. James Jeffries, HW (NABF Champ), 1186 (up 2)
4. Stanley Ketchel, MW (WBA Champ), 1101 (new)
5. Jem Driscoll, LW (WBA Champ), 1048 (new)
6. Jewey Cooke, LW (USBA Champ), 1026 (new)
7. Jack Blackburn, LW (no Title), 1013 (down 6)
8. Battling Nelson, LW (EBU Champ), 1010 (up 1)
9. Tommy Burns, HW (WBA Champ), 1006 (new)
10. Joe Gans, WW (no Title), 985 (new)

Alot of turnover in this list, as half the Top 10 are new. Also, a slight bump up in the ratings, this year there are 9 over 1000 compared to 6 the prior year. Be interesting to see if these trends continue over time or not. Two of the five who dropped out (Harris at BW and O'Brien at HW) lost their World titles during the year. However, Joe Gans lost the WW title to Dixie Kid but bucked the trend by actually moving up the list! Ketchel looks like a strong challenger based on his recent track record to annex the top spot from Attell, but obviously strength of opposition will have alot to do with who winds up where. A rematch of Johnson and Jeffries could produce a new #1 on this list as well.

Expect possibly one more post in a day or so with some overall stats, but as far as boxing action, expect it to be at least two weeks (hopefully early May) before the first reports on 1909 action start dribbling in ...

(May have difficulty keeping up with the two years per calendar month routine much longer, but long-term goal is to hit the Roaring 20s decade by the end of calendar year 2006. We'll see.)
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