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Some Stats and Comments

As of Jan 1909 rankings list, here are some stats by division on the active boxers in my Universe right now:

Div Tot RL TC Rtd 800 500 200

HW 92 42 50 48 8 9 22
LH 44 14 30 27 3 5 12
MW 78 27 51 41 1 7 18
WW 78 35 43 50 4 17 25
LW 97 44 53 60 4 17 29
FW 61 27 34 32 2 13 19
BW 58 22 36 34 1 10 16
FLY 9 2 7 0 0 0 2

NOTE: Column Headings: Tot-Total Number of Active Boxers; RL-Number of Real-Life Active Boxers; TC-Number of Tomato Cans; Rtd-Number of Rated Boxers (mine is set at 10 fights or more); 800, 500, 200 is the number rated at that level or above. Note: some of these last numbers may not match the previous reports since not everyone with to bouts is listed as "rated"--I use some discretion for fighters still in Pre-Prime, generally 15 bouts gets them rated, but some get there with less, usually by winning a lesser belt like the GBU or USBA title or something.

A few notes on how I organize the bouts. I set them up on a monthly basis, so each fighter will have no more than one bout a month max. I don't use any fancy spreadsheets, instead I put each boxer's information on a college-ruled sheet of paper which has 30 lines, double-sided, one bout per line, so 60 bouts until a second sheet is needed. (Example, for Young Griffo I used a sheet and a half.) Each line duplicates the results screen plus I track a cumulative record and current PP total as well. After each bout is completed, I roll two 10-sided dice to generate a random number to determine when the boxer will fight again. The base is 1-40 for fighters before Prime, down to 1-25 once they reach prime, and those suffering KO or TKO losses have to sit out longer, as do victims of cuts, swelling and KDs. Add 10 to the base percentage likelihood of fighting for each month after the first. (This part is pretty consistent with some basic rules that were posted here a long time ago.)

After completing a month's worth of bouts I then organize the fighters in five different folders, one for each upcoming month. (For those few times someone won't be back for 6 months or more, I put them aside in a pocket in one of the notebooks I use until that month comes up). When a month comes up, I simply rotate the folders where I keep the fighters sorted by division, so that the current month's folder becomes month #5 once the fights are done.

In matching up the fights, I have no set formula except some general logic here. I of course do all the title fights first, and use them to establish venues (I generally have one fight card per week during the month.) After the title bouts, I pair together the 10-rounders and then add in the prospects and beginners who will be doing 4, 6, and 8 rounders. I generally wind up with more than 6 fights per week, which is fine, because I use the "start fight" screen to set them up until I get to the last 6 which I do using the "Fight Card" screeen, usually with this build up I find the default value is at 10 rounds per bout, which means fewer changes on each fight.

Some of the general matchmaking rules I try to follow are: For title fights, I generally look for a challenger who is highly ranked (1-10 for WBA, with exceptions in the case of a former champ or lesser titleholder) and who generally won their last bout. For other bouts, I will try as much as possible to match those who haven't fought before, the main exceptions being if it was a close or controversial decision (ie. a win on a foul or cut). Real-life fighters who have lost a few in a row will likely get a TC to help them break the losing string. I generally use TC bouts as fillers (all of these bouts I sim or auto-play), but occasionally where a TC has won a few I will try to "protect" him a bit the same as I would with up and coming prospects where I try to pad the record with lots of TC bouts early on.

I almost always use the "Defending Champ" and "Hometown Favorite" buttons and I have certain refs I use in various locations. (Right now generally off the historical list). I try and use the real-life trainers and cut men, but of course that info is rarely available so I do the best I can. When I watch the bouts I always use corner strategies for all the real-life boxers, trying not to play favorites, of course ...

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