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WBA Title Fights

Stanley Ketchel CH (27-1) vs Charles Kid McCoy #11 (53-14)

Ketchel takes on former champ McCoy, who at least for now has shelved his hopes for a LH title belt. Ketchel goes right at McCoy, scoring heavily in round 1 as Kid is lucky to stay on his feet. More of the same in round 2, as Ketchel pounds away inside while McCoy just tries to stay out of trouble. McCoy established his jab in round 3, then Ketchel connects with another barrage in round 4. McCoy, buoyed by a strong showing in round 5, is more aggressive in the sixth stanza. Ketchel is forced to cover up, and McCoy has the round of a lifetime. No KDs, but the ref moves in to stop it -- first time Ketchel has been in this serious difficulty his entire career. A huge upset. McCoy takes the title by TK0 6.

Charles Kid McCoy CH (41-14) vs Billy Papke #1 (16-1)

McCoy defends versus USBA champ and #1 contender, tough Billy Papke, who is installed as the favorite as McCoy, at 37, is now in the twilight of his career (he hit End Stage after the Ketchel bout). McCoy makes a good start to win round 1. Papke moves inside, McCoy stays outside. Round 3 sees Papke land a vicious uppercut that puts McCoy down for a 9-count, and the champ covers up just to survive. He's still in survival mode in round 4 as Papke goes head-hunting, scoring well but no KDs this time. McCoy's left eye starts swelling up in round 5 as a result of the punishment dished out by the Illinois Thunderbolt. McCoy, though tiring, uses more aggressive tactics to win round 6, but Papke is back at him in rounds 7-8, landing a strong shot to register a second KD near the end of the 8th. McCoy gamely soldiers on, but Papke is in control the rest of the way. Papke wins by UD 15 (145-138 on all 3 cards).

Billy Papke CH (17-1) vs Eddie McGoorty #6 (18-3)

Papke goes in with an earlier TKO win over McGoorty, who gets his second title shot (the first a TKO loss to Ketchel in 1908). Papke bulls his way inside in the early rounds, opening a cut under McGoorty's right eye in round 3. McGoorty's left eye starts swelling in round 4. and Papke nails him with a strong left hook. Good action round as McGoorty comes back to open cut on Papke. McGoorty goes all out in round 5, but Papke's defense holds and he scores some counter-shots as well. Both score well on the inside in round 6, and McGoorty applies pressure in the 7th, reopening the cut over Papke's right eye as the champ is forced to give ground. McGoorty puts the champ down for the 5-count in round 8. Papke finds some inner reserves and comes back to reopen the cut under McGoorty's eye in sizzling round 9 action. Papke is even more aggressive in round 10, as McGoorty starts to tire. The champ dominates round 11 as the swelling around McGoorty's eye worsens. By round 13, the swelling has impaired the challenger's ability to ward off Papke's blows, and finally the champ floors a defenseless McGoorty for the count. A memorable action fight. Papke by KO 13.

Billy Papke CH (18-1) vs Jack Fitzgerald #14 (9-3)

With other more credible challengers unavailable, Papke defends against the relatively unseasoned Fitzgerald. Both boxers pace themselves in the early going and Papke builds up a growing points lead. A solid hook by Papke stuns the challenger in round 3. Papke does more damage by moving inside in round 4. After round 5, Fitzgerald's right eye begins to swell. Papke floors the challenger in round 6, and Fitzgerald goes into survival mode. But the champ rains blow after blow until the ref steps in. Papke by TKO 6.

Lesser Titles:

NABF: Frank Klaus made four defenses, versus Joe Thomas (TKO 7), Frank Craig (UD 12), Billy Kramer (TD 4) and Sailor Burke (UD 12).

USBA: Papke defended once (UD 12 over Walter Coffey) before stepping up to the WBA title. Ex-champ Ketchel annexed the crown with a KO 2 over veteran Frank Fields and then got his revenge on ex-champ McCoy with a dominating TKO 4 win.

EBU: Irishman Paddy Levin was busy, winning four defenses versus TC Arthur Nyland (KO 7), TC Quinton Wade (KO 6), previously unbeaten German Frank Mantell (UD 12) and ex-champ Kid Locke (also UD 12).

GBU/CBU: Always the province of British TCs Wade and Nyland, both titles wound up in the hands of Wade after a TKO 8 win over Nyland.

Jan 1910 Top Ten (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)

Champ: Billy Papke 19-1 (16) (949) (up 1)
1. Stanley Ketchel 29-2 (28) (834) (down 1)
2. Frank Klaus 23-3-2 (14) (816) (up 1)
3. Paddy Levin 23-4-1 (11) (814) (down 1)
4. Charles Kid McCoy 54-16 (46) (647) (new, was #6 LH)
5. Cyclone Johnny Thompson 25-9 (17) (631) (up 2)
6. Eddie McGoorty 18-4 (16) (570) (down 2)
7. Frank Fields 22-11-2 (16) (495) (up 3)
8. Frank Mantell 15-2 (8) (494) (new)
9. Billy Kramer 13-1-1 (6) (488) (new)
10. Kid Locke 23-12-1 (5) (429) (down 5)

Ketchel, as noted in last year's report, will be set at Post-Prime starting in 1910 as it was his last year in real life. McCoy is already at End stage, and the two newcomers (Mantell and Kramer) are still at Pre-Prime. Top Trial Horse is CBU and GBU champ Quinton Wade of the UK at #8 with a 9-5-5 (1) record and 204 pps. Papke is on a roll, winning four in a row since his loss to Ketchel. Klaus has won 6 and drawn 1 of his last 7, his last loss coming to Ketchel. Levin has won 4 in a row since his loss to Ketchel. Thompson has won 5 in a row since a loss to Ketchel. Fields bounced back to beat Mantell after a loss to guess who--Stanley Ketchel. Sense a pattern here? Mantell actually won his first 15 bouts but has fallen back a bit with two losses to Levin (for the EBU title) and to Fields. Kramer won his first 13 and was TKO'd by Joe Thomas. Dropping out of the Top Ten with some very bad years were Walter Coffey (down 5 to #14), Hugo Kelly (down 9 to #15) and Kid Carter (down 9 to #17). There were no retirements in 1909, and right now only Kid McCoy is close.

Looking ahead, prospect Jack Fitzgerald was clearly not ready in his title bout with Papke. His record is now 9-4 (6). Wild Bill Fleming is unbeaten at 8-0 (4), winning a tough match with the Buffalo Iron Man, Al Rogers, who is now at 8-1 (6). Other unbeatens? George Chip is 7-0 (4), Mike Gibbons is 7-0 (3) and Al McCoy is 6-0 (4) after a win over George's brother, Joe Chip. Willie KO Brennan is 5-0 with 4 KOs and George KO Brown 4-0 with 3 KOs.

A plethora of 13 newcomers swell the MW ranks in 1910, including such notables as Aussie Les Darcy and Jeff Smith of the USA. Should be an interesting year as these guys develop.

Stats for the Division

Total Boxers: 92 (41 real-life and 51 TCs)
Real-life career stage: 15 beginners, 12 Pre, 10 Prime, 3 Post, 1 at End.
Ranked: 21
800 or higher: 4
500 or higher: 7
200 or higher: 19

Note these last four figures count only those boxers considered for the Top 10 charts, which may be less than numbers reported in an earlier post containing similar data for 1908.
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