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WBA Title Bouts

Jem Driscoll CH (33-5) vs Freddie Welsh #5 (16-2-1)

Driscoll defends on home turf against his countryman Freddie Welsh, the young GBU title holder. Welsh picked his shots to take round one from the Champ. Not much action in round 2, then Welsh steps inside to score well in the third. Both focus on long-range in round 4, with Welsh picking off Driscoll's punches to take the round. Driscoll moves inside to control the action in the 5th. Round 7 sees some good action, but the bout is too close to call at this point. Driscoll gets the better of the inside exchanges in the 9th, the champ becoming more aggressive as the bout wears on. Welsh keeps his distance, hoping to land some countershots. Driscoll hammers the challenger in the 14th and 15th to do enough to keep his crown in a very close bout. Driscoll by SD 15 (143-142, 142-144, 143-142).

Jem Driscoll CH (34-5) vs Battling Nelson #2 (48-8)

As the saying goes, will the 6th time be a charm for the Durable Dane, EBU champ Battling Nelson, who gets his 6th World Title shot and this time against an opponent Driscoll he has a career tally of 2 wins (albeit both by SD 12 in EBU Title bouts). Driscoll, out for revenge, stuns Nelson with a vicious hook in round 1. The Dane dropped down for an 8-count then covered up to last the round. One more strong shot was landed by Driscoll, but it was not enough to put the Dane away. Round 2 Nelson got his bearings, firing from long range and Driscoll tried to work inside. In round 3, it was Nelson on the attack, but Driscoll took the round with some good long-range punching. Round 4 was all Nelson, who continued his attack into the 5th, but yet Driscoll remained upright. Driscoll, trailing, got more aggressive in the 7th but the Dane painted his right eye which became badly swollen as a result. Driscoll gamely tried to take the initiative away from the Dane in the later rounds, but this time Nelson would not be denied as he took both the 13th and 14th rounds to cinch the win (squelching a great comeback by Driscoll who took rounds 10-12), opening a cut above Driscoll's eye in the process. Nelson by MD 15 (144-141, 142-142, 143-141) to finally win the WBA Title -- sixth time is a charm!

Lesser Titles:

NABF: Ex-champ Jack Blackburn traveled north of the Border to wrest the crown from Fighting Dick Hyland (SD 12) and then defended versus Art Simms (KO 6) and stopped Hyland in a rematch (KO 5).

USBA: Young Otto stunned defending USBA champ Jewey Cooke with a KO in the 2nd, but his reign was short-lived, as he lost next time out to Young Erne (UD 12) who defended versus Kid Fredericks (another UD 12) in a rematch of their earlier memorable encounter from a couple of years back.

CBU: Hyland ignored the title defense until the end of the year when he picked off TC Stan Nash via KO 1 to keep the crown.

GBU: No defenses by Freddie Welsh in 1909, due to lack of credible challengers.

EBU: Nelson defended versus Frank Erne (UD 12) and then won an easy defense versus German Rudy Unholz (TKO 7) before beating Driscoll, who then won Nelson's vacated EBU crown (effectively trading title belts) with a TKO 6 of the Swiss veteran, Erne.

Jan 1910 Rankings (perf pts and changes from prior year in parens)
Champ: Battling Nelson 49-8 (27) (1157) (up 3)
1. Jem Driscoll 35-6 (28) (1075) (down 1)
2. Jewey Cooke 57-11-1 (28) (960) (down 1)
3. Freddie Welsh 17-3-1 (10) (898) (up 1)
4. Jack Blackburn 33-5-1 (16) (897) (down 2)
5. Young Otto 23-5-2 (11) (766) (up 4)
6. Charley White 16-0 (7) (718) (new)
7. Fighting Dick Hyland 21-8-2 (14) (647) (up 1)
8. Young Erne 31-12-3 (12) (625) (up 3)
9. Ray Bronson 18-2-3 (7) (625) (up 8)
10. Harlem Tommy Murphy 21-7-1 (9) (624) (down 4)

Freddie Welsh joined the elite ranks of this talent-laden division with a MD 10 win over ex-champ Blackburn. Nelson has now won 4 in a row, Driscoll 5 of his last 6. Cooke went on a tear, winning four after losing the USBA belt to stay near the top. Otto, who is 8-1-1 in his last 10, is still a threat. All the top 10 are still at Prime, except for newcomer White who is still at Pre. (White has yet to be severely tested, but has wins over Leach Cross and Young Tommy Coleman.) Hyland was won two in a row, including a UD 10 over Young Erne. This was Young Erne's first loss after winning six in a row. Bronson reaches the Top 10 for the first time with four wins in a row, most recent a TW6 over Harlem Tommy Murphy. Dropping out of the top 10 were Frank Erne, down from #5 to #15 after four more losses extended his losing streak to 6; Art Simms, loser of three in a row to drop from #7 to #17; and William Kid Parker, whose losses to Driscoll and Fredericks dropped him from #10 to #19.

There were two retirements in the LW division in 1909. Career stats:

Jig Stone (USA) 1898-1909 31-21-1 (14) No Titles
George Jansen (USA) 1899-1909 21-19-1 (7) No Titles

Neither of these guys was good enough to seriously contend for a title. Looking ahead to the future, unbeaten prospect Lockport Jimmy Duffy is 13-0 (10), including KO wins over Tim Callahan and Ad Wolgast. Knockout Brown is 11-2 (8), two losses coming to Willie Ritchie (now #11 ranked) and Matty Baldwin (#12). Also at 11-2 is Paul Koehler, who sports a win over Kid Black. Jack Curley is 10-2 and Hop Harry Stone is 10-1-1. Aussie Herb McCoy is off to an excellent 5-0 (2) start. Coming into the ranks next yer are "Mexican Joe" Rivers and Phil Cross, among others.

No TCs are ranked in the LW division right now (same is true for WW as well, forgot to report it in the above post). Division stats:

Total boxers: 100 (47 real-life, 53 TCs)
Real-life by career stage: 7 at beginner (5 new), 12 at Pre, 21 at Prime, 6 at Post and 1 (Canada's Mike Ward) at End.
Total ranked: 32
800 +: 5
500 +: 14
200 +: 29
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