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Originally Posted by M's rule
I used to think that with I do for a living is fun.

Well, I still do, but helping out with the game was even funner.

Steve and Marc in particular, thanks for letting me through the door into beta land. I wish I had come a-knockin' weeks or months earlier, because I would have had more fun that way.

To all the other testers, and with a special nod to the text team (because that's where my heart lies): You have proved to me that dedication and camaraderie are a powerful combination. Just hanging around with you guys (not saying much, but everpresently lurking) has been a privilege and an experience I will long remember.

Dude, why not post a picture of your back, so we can all slap it.

Only kidding. Great work. Glad to see the workers get the recognition. It's a little heartbeat of socialism in Sim World.
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