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Super Bowl III

Super Bowl III

The Orange Bowl, Miami, FL

Oakland Raiders (12-2)

Head Coach: John Rauch
453 Points Scored
233 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Daryle Lamonica

Road to the Super Bowl:
Defeated New York Jets, 31-6-AFL Championship

Dallas Cowboys (12-2)

Head Coach: Tom Landry
431 Points Scored
186 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Don Meredith

Road to the Super Bowl:
Defeated Cleveland, 31-27-NFL Divisional Playoffs
Defeated Baltimore, 17-0-NFL Championship

The Game

The losers of the previous two Super Bowls faced each other for the first time in Super Bowl III. The Dallas Cowboys were still feeling the sting of losing to the Buffalo Bills in the first championship game, while the Oakland Raiders were attempting to go all the way after finishing just short last season.

After their impressive play in the NFL Championship, Dallas came out and somehow looked even better, blocking a George Blanda field goal on Oakland's opening drive, then shutting the Raiders down for the rest of the first half. While neither team could score in the first quarter, Dallas' running attack had started to open some holes in Oakland's front, and they would be exploited early in the second quarter. Halfback Craig Baynham, who spent much of the year as a backup to Don Perkins, scored the first points of Super Bowl III with a three yard touchdown run two minutes into the second quarter.

Oakland was forced to punt after three plays on their next possession, and Dallas returned the kick to Oakland's 24 yard line. Lance Rentzel came down with a Don Meredith pass in the end zone, giving Dallas a seemingly overwhelming 14-0 lead. Oakland would get no more chances the rest of the half, putting the Cowboys in position to win their first Super Bowl.

Neither team could advance the ball in their first possession of the second half, but Dallas was able to make headway the second time they had the ball. Using Dan Reeves, Don Perkins and Craig Baynham, Dallas pummeled the Raiders into submission, and when Baynham burst through the middle for a 49 yard touchdown, the game was over in every aspect except time. The Cowboys hardly passed the ball after that, and their defense was up to the task of stopping the Raiders, only allowing three points when Oakland blocked a punt and started at Dallas' one yard line. In a picture of how well Dallas played, the Raiders lost three yards on three plays and settled for a Blanda field goal. Oakland would mount no more threats, and Dallas had claimed what they believed was theirs prior to Super Bowl I.

Final Score: Dallas-21 Oakland-3

MVP: Craig Baynham: 9 carries, 73 yards, 2 catches, 18 yards, 2 TD
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