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Super Bowl IV

Super Bowl IV

Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, LA

Kansas City Chiefs (11-3)

Head Coach: Hank Stram
359 Points Scored
177 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Len Dawson

Road to the Super Bowl:
Defeated New York Jets, 23-3-AFL Divisional Playoffs
Deafeated Oakland, 17-16-AFL Championship

Los Angeles Rams (11-3)

Head Coach: George Allen
320 Points Scored
243 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Roman Gabriel

Road to the Super Bowl:
Defeated Minnesota, 20-6-NFL Divisional Playoffs
Defeated Dallas, 31-24-NFL Championship

The Game

Two of the best defenses in football squared off in the final Super Bowl before the NFL and AFL were to merge. The Kansas City Chiefs made a living off of their defense, with coach Hank Stram establishing himself as one of the best in all of football. Kansas City's offense was led by quarterback Len Dawson, halfback Mike Garrett and receiver Otis Taylor. The Rams featured a newer, but still equally fearsome, front four, while quarterback Roman Gabriel was the NFL MVP.

Defense was the name of the game early in Super Bowl IV, as neither team could even get past midfield on their first two possessions. On the Chiefs' third possession of the game, Len Dawson was pressured by Deacon Jones and threw an interception into the hands of Doug Woodlief. Woodlief took the ball 36 yards for a touchdown, marking the first defensive touchdown in Super Bowl history. The extra point made it 7-0, and the Rams had the lead heading into the second quarter.

Once the second quarter started, it was more of the same for the Chiefs. Dawson was intercepted for the second time on the first play of the quarter, this time by Ron Smith, giving the Rams the ball deep in Kansas City territory. The Rams could not get a first down, but they were able to have Bruce Gossett kick a 26 yard field goal to extend the lead to 10-0. On Kansas City's very next drive, Dawson threw his third interception of the game as this one found Doug Woodlief once again. Though the Rams turned it back over just five plays later, the tone of the game had already been set.

On their next possession, Kansas City finally looked like they were making progress. They had advanced into Los Angeles territory for the first time, and the Rams looked to be back on their heels. Coach Hank Stram then called a play that will live in infamy. The play was called 65 Toss Power Trap, and though the Chiefs had not run that play in some time, the Rams were prepared for it. Mike Garrett fumbled the ball after being stopped in the backfield and the Rams recovered, effectively ending the best chance the Cheifs had to score the entire day up to that point. The Rams had to punt after the fumble, but once again, they proved how this game was going to be played.

Following the punt, Kansas City finally completed a drive without a punt or a turnover. Dawson got the Chiefs down the field but was unable to guide them into the end zone, instead settling for a Jan Stenerud field goal with under a minute to play in the half. After 30 minutes of football, the Rams were ahead by a touchdown.

Once the third quarter started, neither team found a way to move the ball against the opposing defense. Punts were more frequent than first downs throughout the third quarter, and the only points came on a Bruce Gossett field goal that put the Rams back on top by ten points. In the fourth quarter, it was more of the same. Gossett added his third field goal on the first play of the quarter and his fourth came on Los Angeles' next drive following another Mike Garrett fumble.

The Chiefs were running out of time, and their offense could not pass the ball against a ferocious Los Angeles rush. Dawson was totally ineffective (14/25, 161, 3 INT) until the closing minutes of the game, when he finally got the Chiefs into scoring position. Garrett made up for his earlier two fumbles with an 11 yard touchdown run. However, the Chiefs missed the extra point and found themselves down 19-9. After a poor kick return, the Chiefs brought down Gabriel in the end zone for a safety to make the score 19-11, but they could get no closer. The Rams were able to run out the rest of the clock using short passes and draw plays, and when the gun sounded, they were Super Bowl champions for the second time.

Final Score: Los Angeles-19 Kansas City-11

MVP: Doug Woodlief: 1 tackle, 2 INT, 1 TD
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