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Super Bowl V

Super Bowl V

The Orange Bowl, Miami, FL

Oakland Raiders (8-4-2)

Head Coach: John Madden
300 Points Scored
293 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Daryle Lamonica

Road to the Super Bowl:
Defeated Miami, 24-21-AFC Divisional Playoffs
Defeated Baltimore, 27-24-AFC Championship

Dallas Cowboys (10-4)

Head Coach: Tom Landry
299 Points Scored
221 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Craig Morton

Road to the Super Bowl:
Defeated Detroit, 21-14-NFC Divisional Playoffs
Defeated Minnesota, 16-10-NFC Championship

The Game

The first rematch in Super Bowl history took place between the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders. Just two years before, defense had ruled the day as Dallas took Super Bowl III. With so many players from each team still playing in Super Bowl V, there was little doubt that it would be another defensive struggle, though no one could see that it would be the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history.

The game did not start out as if it would become a defensive struggle. On the opening drive of the game, Oakland was able to use it's running game effectively against Dallas and on the sixth play of the drive, Hewritt Dixon broke off tackle to the right and scampered 38 yards for the opening score. Oakland led 7-0, and their defense was going to make sure that they could hold the lead this time.

Dallas was battered and bruised against Oakland's defense this time around. They could muster only one first down in the first quarter, and quarterback Craig Morton was under an almost unstoppable pass rush by the Raiders. On their first possession of the second quarter, however, the Cowboys were able to move down the field, with Morton converting a third and eight and a third and fifteen, in route to a Mike Clark 41 yard field goal. Now, it was Oakland who was facing the pressure from a Dallas defense that knew full well what it could do. Lamonica was intercepted late in the second quarter, ending a possible scoring drive, and the first half ended with the Raiders up 7-3.

The third quarter was more of the same, with both teams attempting to use their running games to tire out and find holes in the opposing defenses. Dallas' two pronged attack of Duane Thomas and Walt Garrison did well, as did Oakland's Hewritt Dixon. Though neither team could get into scoring range, both knew what had to be done in the fourth and final quarter, and one team would finally be able to take advantage of a benefitial situation.

On their first possession of the fourth quarter, Dallas coach Tom Landry decided to remove Craig Morton from the game, replacing him with Roger Staubach. The move worked perfectly, as Staubach's running ability confused the Raiders, and his passes were crisp an on target, as opposed to much of what had left Morton's hand that day. Slowly but surely, the Cowboys drove down the field on the arm of Staubach. Finally, with just over eight minutes to go in Super Bowl V, he swung a pass out to Calvin Hill, who turned and ran upfield seemingly through every Oakland defender for a 27 yard touchdown reception. The extra point put Dallas up by three, 10-7.

Oakland still had time to work and at least have an attempt at a field goal to tie the game, but now time was working against them. Their first two attempts ended in punts, and though they kept the Cowboys from scoring, precious seconds were now melting away. With just about two minutes remaining in the game, the Raiders got one last chance after a missed Dallas field goal. Lamonica first found Dixon for a 16 yard gain out to the 48 yard line. After thre quick incomplete passes, the Raiders were down to 1:43 seconds remaining and facing a fourth and ten. Lamonica, under pressure, managed to throw a complete pass to Fred Biletnikoff, who ran out of bounds seven yards past the first down marker, giving the Raiders another chance.

On second and eight from Dallas' 33 yard line, Lamonica looked over the middle of the field for an open receiver. What exactly he saw, no one knows, but the ball ended up in the hands of Dallas linebacker Steve Kiner for Lamonica's second interception of the game. Kiner led his celebrating defense off the field as Morton began to run out the clock. Despite the best efforts from Oakland, including an MVP performance by running back Hewritt Dixon, the Raiders could not stop the Cowboys from becoming the second team to win multiple Super Bowl championships.

Final Score: Dallas-10 Oakland-7

MVP: Hewritt Dixon (Oakland): 16 carries, 95 yards, 1 catch, 16 yards, 1 TD (First MVP from a losing team.)
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