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Tall Tales: The Andrew Zarzour Story

The popular radio talk show host couldn't believe his ears.

"You mean to tell me that you've got all these Letters of Intent just lying around your house from powerhouse basketball programs like Duke, Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, UConn, Arizona, Kentucky, Maryland and other D-1 schools, and you're not going to fill one of them out?"

"On National Signing Day for men's basketball, you're going to say 'No way, Jose!' to legends like Mike Kryzyzewski, Roy Williams, Lute Olson, Jim Calhoun, Billy Donovan, Bobby Knight, Gary Williams?"

The young man on the other end paused for a second or two, then answered with a much meeker, yet confident tone.

"Actually sir," he said. "That's not quite how it's going to work. I don't really say, 'No way, Jose.' I'll just tell them, politely, 'No, sir' or 'No, thank you.'"

And with that humble response, Andrew Elias Zarzour — all 7-foot, 2-inches of him — declared his intentions. The high school senior would forgo the chance to play big-time college basketball and the lure of possible NBA riches down the road for a much-less certain path.

Since early childhood, Zarzour has wanted to be a pitcher in the Major Leagues. This dynasty will about "The Big Z's" pursuit of that goal.

"Even if I just face one batter in the bigs, I'll be fulfilled," Zarzour said. "Of course, I think I've got it what it takes to do a whole lot more than that."

With any luck, he'll have a long and prosperous career as one of the tallest (maybe THE tallest?) pitcher ever to hurl in the Majors. If not, I can always pull out my old copy of Tournament Dreams College Basketball and plug him into that game instead as a 25-year-old freshman.

Come along for the ride if this sounds interesting. Just get ready to crane your neck upward to get a good look at our main character...

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