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From: Tony Blengino (
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 7:46 AM
To: Jack Zduriencik, Director of Scouting
Subject: The Zarzour prospect

Watched the 7-footer (Zarzour) last night against one of the better "big" high school teams from Raleigh. He's definitely a legit 90-mph thrower. Hit 93 mph one time, 91 and 92 several times. Won the game 3-1 with 14 strikeouts, 4 walks, one hit batter.

He's got good -- not great -- mechanics, but has TONS of potential in my opinion if we get him with our developmental guys. He's so close to the plate when he follows through I really think it scares hitters. Of course, the pros won't be as intimidated as these guys down here, but I recommend we still keep him high on our draft board.

I think he's serious about saying no to basketball now that the spring signing period for seniors has past. Let's stay on him. Mets and Pirates were also here tonight. Heard the Marlins were coming for his next start.

I'll be staying in Raleigh for another night to check out the Josh Hamilton kid from Athens Drive High. We should have been here a few weeks ago when Hamilton's team played against Zarzour's. Apparently that was a barn-burner. Hamilton threw a no-hitter, while Zarzour gave up just two hits (both to Hamilton). Athens won 1-0.

After Raleigh, I'm off to South Carolina for the weekend, if you need anything...

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