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Sent: Thursday, May 20, 1999 10:49 PM
Subject: Great season, see you in 'Big Show'

Hey Z, Josh here. Sorry to see you guys get knocked out of the playoffs. You did your part getting a win in round two. Glad to see your coach not try to burn your arm by making you throw again.

I'm excited to still be playing. Hopefully we'll be in your backyard playing for a state title next week at Five County Stadium, home of the Carolina Mudcats. Come on by and see us.

It was cool playing on traveling teams with you the past few summers, and I think our little duel a few months ago between Athens and Bunn will be a classic for many years to come in this area. I was lucky to beat you, man. Your stuff was nasty! You made Williams look absolutely ridiculous the way you screwed him into the ground with your slider. Dang!

Best of luck in next month's MLB draft. Have you seen the latest Baseball America? The mag projects we both could go in the first round or two. Wouldn't that be something if two ball players from nearby high schools in little ol' North Carolina both got picked so high? Just don't strike me out too many times once we reach the majors, OK? Haha.

Anyways, take care dude. If you got some time, come on out and see us in the playoffs this week...

Your friend,
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