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The clocked ticked toward 10 a.m., and the three boys knew what that meant. It was almost time to go home. It was an exciting day for sure. For Andrew who would hopefully begin his professional baseball career in a matter of hours this was the launching pad toward his ultimate dream of being a Big League pitcher.

For Brandon and Robbie, this was a time to celebrate with their friend. And they, too, would be pursuing big dreams over the coming weeks. In just a short time, Brandon would be off to the University of North Carolina to pursue a degree in journalism ("I want to be a sports writer for the Boston Globe and cover the Red Sox," he would tell anyone who listened). Robbie was going to rival NC State to study turf management. He wanted to build and run his own golf course someday.

As much as the three reveled in the wide-open opportunities that lay before them, there was sense that none wanted this day to end either. They all knew this would be their last day together as "kids." College and baseball and real-world jobs and paying taxes wouldn't afford many more lazy summer days of fishing all morning, and playing ball and video games the rest of the day.

Andrew, Brandon and Robbie just stood there. None wanted to make the first move of starting to pack up the gear.

"Let's cast one more time," Zarzour said, surprising even himself by fighting back tears as he looked at his friends. "Ready, on three -- one ... two ... three ... Heave-ho!"

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh ... plop, plop, plop.

The sounds of change were in the air...
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