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The Draft Begins!

The picks began rolling in a little after 1 p.m., scrolling across the bottom of the ESPN News channel -- and more slowly on Andrew Zarzour's dial-up Internet connection. Hundreds of folks had showed up at the Zarzour farm by now, even some TV news crews and a few print reporters. Zarzour's mom, of course had more than enough food for everyone.

The Montreal Expos had the first pick, taking pitcher Juan Pena.

Then, to Zarzour's amazement and surprise, a familiar name showed up as the No. 2 overall pick.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had selected ... Zarzour's friend, left-fielder Josh Hamilton. Wow, the Athens Drive High School phenom, who had thrown a no-hitter against Zarzour's Bunn team a few months ago, was now going to be a multi-millionairre!

Right then and there, Zarzour whisked off an e-mail to Hamilton:

"Congrats, my friend. Still waiting to see where I'll end up. Hope it's somewhere in the National League, so I can see you every so often."
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