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B-town Boxing: A Heavyweight Universe

B-town Boxing - A Heavyweight Universe

I have been inspired to try to write the happenings in my heavyweight universe after reading all of the great action from my fellow forum members. I know that it will not be as good or sophisticated as most of the other threads here, but I will try to do my best.


Current date: Late 1953, approaching the new year.
Start date: January 1950

All heavyweight boxers started fighting in a designated local region for the first 2 years. I used the auto- scheduler to arrange fights but did not adjust for ratings or records to pad stats. Every fighter started out on an even field and had to fight whoever was put in front of them by the computer. I called this the Unbiased HW Universe. As fighters compiled records, they traveled outside their local areas to fight other boxers. Year one introduced the competition for sectional titles. Regional titles were introduced at the beginning of year two. World titles were sanctioned in the middle of year two as more fighters gained experience and appeared in the World Rankings. Fights are determined by the auto-scheduler with a few exceptions. I like to arrange simulations of historical fights such as Tunney/Dempsey, Moore/Marciano, Tyson/Holyfield, Ali/Frazier, etc. The computer selects all strategies for both fighters. I never interfere during any fight and I do not manipulate the outcome. (Although I still cuss and swear when one of my favorites loses, especially from a DQ or to cuts!)


Sub-Regional Titles:

EBU: European Boxing Union - governs all boxers from Europe, United Kingdom, Eastern Bloc.
ICBA: Inter-Continental Boxing Association - governs all boxers from the countries of Africa, Middle East, Asia, Pacific Rim and Oceania.
USBA: United States Boxing Association - governs all boxers from the 50 states.
CABO: Continental Americas Boxing Association - governs all boxers from the countries in the Western Hemisphere excluding the United States. Countries include Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Regional Titles:

EHBA: Eastern Hemisphere Boxing Association - governs all boxers from all countries in the Eastern Hemisphere of the world.
WHBA: Western Hemisphere Boxing Association - governs all boxers from all countries in the Western Hemisphere of the world.

World Titles:


* I am like everybody else and hate all the alphabet titles in real life. But since I have a heavyweight universe with over 3500 boxers, I feel it is necessary to have more pieces of the pie to fight for otherwise the line for a title shot will be way to long!

Title Fights

All title fights are determined by the random number generator. Each organization is assigned a number from 1-10. If that number pops up, there is a required fight. A unification bout is required when duplicates of individual numbers show up.

Titles Lineage

1952-10-30 Muhammad Ali captures vacant title vs. Vitali Klitschko (TKO12)
1953-01-31 Rocky Marciano wins title vs. Muhammad Ali (KO10)
1953-04-30 Rocky Marciano retains title vs. James Jeffries (TKO10)
1953-08-30 Rocky Marciano retains title vs. Mustafa Couzee (TKO12)


1952-06-30 Chuck Norton captures vacant title vs. Mustafa Couzee (TKO1)
1952-12-31 Chuck Norton retains title vs. Sam Langford (TKO10)
1953-02-28 Chuck Norton retains title vs. Ivan Drago (TKO5)
1953-03-31 Chuck Norton retains title vs. Vitali Klitschko (TKO7)
1953-04-30 Chuck Norton retains title vs. Teofilo Stevenson (TKO3)


1952-08-30 Gene Tunney captures vacant title vs. Teofilo Stevenson (UD15)
1952-10-30 Riddick Bowe wins title vs. Gene Tunney (UD15)
1953-01-31 Mike Tyson wins title vs. Riddick Bowe (KO5)
1953-02-28 Mike Tyson retains title vs. Peter Jackson (TKO6)
1953-04-30 Mike Tyson retains title vs. Riddick Bowe (TKO6)
1953-05-31 Mike Tyson retains title vs. Gene Tunney (TKO8)
1953-06-30 Mike Tyson retains title vs. Evander Holyfield (TD1) Cuts
1953-08-30 Mike Tyson retains title vs. Sam Langford (KO5)


1952-09-30 Joe Louis captures vacant title vs. Ivan Drago (TKO1)
1952-10-30 Joe Louis retains title vs. Apollo Creed (KO8)
1953-02-28 Joe Louis retains title vs. Sam Langford (TKO8)
1953-04-30 Joe Louis retains title vs. Peter Jackson (TKO10)


Mustafa Couzee wins 8-man tournament to capture vacant title.
Mustafa Couzee (1)
Ivan Drago
Max Schmeling (1)
Peter Jackson (1)
*Title Defenses in parenthesis


Chuck Norton wins 8-man tournament to capture vacant title.
Chuch Norton (1)
Gene Tunney
Sam Langford (4)


Francesco Damiani (1)
Max Schmeling (3)
Axel Schulz (2)
Bruce Woodcock
Tom Sharkey (1)
Ivan Drago
Vitali Klitschko (3)


Bash Ali
Mustafa Couzee (7)
Corrie Sanders
Sebastian Rothman (1)
Ike Ikeabuchi (6)


Jimmy Bivins (4)
Elmer Ray
Floyd Patterson
Chuck Norton (5)
Muhammad Ali
Jack Dempsey
Gene Tunney
James Jeffries (2)
Rocky Marciano
Dick Matthews
Sam McVea
James Jeffries


Dale Brown (1)
Horace Jones (2)
Nino Valdes (1)
Teofilo Stevenson (2)
Trevor Berbick
Alberto Santiago Lovell
Sam Langford
Jack Delaney (1)
George Chuvalo
Teofilo Stevenson

Number One Ranked Contender

The champion will fight the number one contender within a specific time frame determined by each organization. The number one contender must have a 75% winning record, must not have lost his last fight, cannot have fought for the title previously (unless a rematch is deemed necessary due to circumstances such as losing on cuts or resulting draw). If the ranked number one contender fails to meet these requirements, the next ranked fighter is deemed the number one opponent. All other championship contenders must be ranked in the top 15. *Normally I would say top 10, but there are 4 World Champions that are included in the top 10 already which would only leave 6 ranked fighters to choose from.


Only heavyweights in this universe. All cruiserweights have been moved up. Light-heavyweights that fought in the HW division are included. There are over 3500 fighters. All fighters are in their prime. I know this will be one point of contention with a lot of historians, but it is too much work and I am interested in the results of fighters competing against each other at their best. Another point of contention will be my use of fictional and adjusted fighters.

My Fictional HW’s: I have created 55 of my own heavyweights. These are fighters that I have had since I started playing the Lance Haffner sim in the early to mid 80’s. Sorry to all, but I am quite fond of these big guys! Not all of these fighters will be included but I will make sure to give a brief description when they appear.

Adjusted Non-Fictional HW’s: These are real fighters from other divisions that have been weight-class altered to fill in some regional areas that are lagging with real heavyweights. These fighters are more from my time period. Some are good fighters and some will be just average. You will recognize the names such as Pernell Whitaker, Felix Trinidad, Manny Pacquiao, Joe Calzaghe. I know a lot of people like to use fictional fighters more as TC’s, but I figured why not use real fighters. I also know a lot of historians will not like this because it will influence the outcomes too much due to the highly ranked inclusion of these fighters. I know, I know, but what the heck, I figure Pernell will be just like a Jack Johnson type of fighter.

Rocky Fictional HW’s: Included are Rocky, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang, Tommy Gunn.

Game Choices

Referee: Will be chosen at random.
Judges: Will be chosen at random.
Venue: Will be chosen at random.
Bias: Bias is on, champion bias chosen.
Monthly Fights: Auto-scheduler is used with approximately 25% of the fighters in each region active.

In-Fight Rules

Unified rules apply for all fights.
All fights are 15 rounds in length. * I believe that you must take pride in your profession and a fighter should be rewarded for being well conditioned. Shortened fights don’t allow for a fatigue factor to come into play. There will also be a higher percentage of KO’s/TKO’s reflected in a fighters record because of the longer opportunity to end the fight before the end of the 15th round.
No mandatory standing 8 count.
No three knockdown rule.
Only the referee can stop the fight.
Cannot be saved by the bell in any round.
Three judges for all fights.
Technical Draw through 4/Scorecard after 4.
10 point must system.


Thanks to all the forum members who chose to create and share their files with all of us. I have downloaded as many files that I could find and have also stolen a lot of ideas from other’s universes. Please feel free to ask me about your favorite heavyweights and I will gladly inform you of how they are doing in this universe.

Current Champions

IBF: Rocky Marciano, USA, 19-2-0 (19)
WBA: Chuck Norton, USA, 23-0-0 (23)
WBC: Mike Tyson, USA, 16-1-1 (15)
WBO: Joe Louis, USA, 16-1-0 (15)
EHBA: Peter Jackson, Australia, 18-3-0 (17)
WHBA: Sam Langford, Canada, 17-3-0 (16)
EBU: Vitali Klitschko, Ukraine, 14-2-0 (13)
ICBA: Ike Ikeabuchi, Nigeria, 19-4-0 (16)
USBA: James Jeffries, USA, 17-3-0 (15)
CABO: Teofilo Stevenson, Cuba, 19-4-0 (19)

Top 50 World Ranked Contenders

1. Chuck “No Doubt” Norton, USA, 23-0-0 (23)
Hard-hitting, southpaw, slugger from Houston, Texas. 6’0”, 230, reminds the boxing experts of Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Has only been down once in career. Showed promise very early in career with wins over Joe Louis (TKO14) and Archie Moore (KO11) in only 2nd and 3rd fight.
Is willing to take on all comers with astonishing results.
(KO4) Liston
(KO4) Patterson
(KO8) Creed
(TKO4) Joe Frazier
(KO14) Ali
(TKO1) Couzee to win WBA in highly anticipated showdown that left everyone disappointed!

2. “Iron” Mike Tyson, USA, 16-1-1 (15)
Loss and technical draw to Evander Holyfield. Floored six times in loss to Holyfield.
Big wins over Bowe twice (KO5)(TKO6), Peter Jackson (TKO6), Tunney (TKO8), Creed (DQ),
Langford (KO5).

3. Joe Louis, USA, 16-1-0 (15)
Only loss in 2nd fight to Chuck Norton.
Won (UD15) over Marciano, Willard (KO3), Langford, (TKO8), Peter Jackson (TKO10).

4. Rocky Marciano, USA, 19-2-0 (19)
Both losses went distance, (UD15) to Tunney and Joe Louis.
Wins over Ali (KO10), Moore (TKO7), Couzee (TKO12), Jeffries twice (KO5)(TKO10).

5. James Jeffries, USA, 17-3-0 (15)
2 losses to Marciano and other to Langford.
Wins over Quarry (TKO3), Jack Johnson (UD15), Brewster (UD15), McVea (TKO8).

6. Sam Langford, Canada, 17-3-0 (16)
Losses to Tyson, Louis and Chuck Norton.
Wins over Dempsey twice(TKO6)(SD15), Joe Frazier (TKO12), Stevenson (TKO6).

7. Teofilo Stevenson, Cuba, 19-4-0 (19)
Losses to Langford, Tunney, Joe Frazier and Chuck Norton.
Wins over Nino Valdes (KO7), Chuvalo (TKO13).

8. Muhammad Ali, USA, 19-3-0 (16)
Losses to Dempsey, Marciano and Chuck Norton.
Wins over Liston (TKO12), Big George Godfrey (UD15), McVea (UD15), V,Klitschko (TKO12).

9. Vitali Klitschko, Ukraine, 14-2-0 (13)
Losses to Ali and Chuck Norton.
Wins over Bruno (KO6), Drago (SD15), Kobozev (TKO4), Tom Sharkey (TKO12).

10. Sam McVea, USA, 17-2-0 (14)
Loses to Ali and Jeffries.
Wins over Machen (TKO14), Razor Ruddock (KO8), Dick Matthews (UD15).

11. Mustafa “Killer” Couzee, South Africa, 20-3-0 (20)
Tough, left-handed, slugger from Johannesburg, South Africa. Hits hard but has a tendency to fatigue and cut. Likes to end fights early. Needs to work on his defensive abilities.
Losses to Marciano, Chuck Norton and up and comer Ken Foreman (created).
Wins - Chagaev, Drago, Damiani, Tom Sharkey, Carpentier, Dokiwari.

12. Gene Tunney, USA, 16-2-0 (9)
Losses - Bowe, Tyson.
Wins - Ezzard Charles, Marciano, Dempsey, Joe Frazier, Stevenson, Ikeabuchi.

13. Ike Ikeabuchi, Nigeria, 19-4-0 (16)
Losses - Tunney, Schmeling, Sebastian Rothman, Mohamed Azzaoui.
Wins - Rothman, Izon, Samuel Peter, Corrie Sanders, Battling Siki.

14. Peter Jackson, Australia, 18-3-0 (17)
Losses - Tyson, Louis, Duncan Dokiwari.
Wins - George Cook, Schmeling, Tom Sharkey.

15. Ivan Drago, Russia, 21-5-0 (20)
Losses - Klitschko, Louis, Couzee twice, Chuck Norton.
Wins - Tom Sharkey, Schulz twice, Schmeling, W.Klitschko,

16. Max Schmeling, Germany, 20-4-1 (18)
Lost EBU title to Axel Schulz on controversial TKO3 due to cuts. Was absolutely destroying Schulz and was ahead on all cards. Three months later, fought to another controversial draw with Schulz in rematch for title.
Losses - Schulz, Peter Jackson, Drago, Mate Parlov.
Wins - Damiani, Ikeabuchi, Mildenberger, Charley Mitchell, Alex Stewart.

17. Smokin’ Joe Frazier, USA, 17-3-0 (17)
Losses - Tunney, Langford, Chuck Norton.
Wins - Stevenson, George Foreman, McTigue, Jimmy Ellis, Nino Valdes, Matthew Saad Muhammad.

18. Larry Holmes, USA, 18-2-0 (15)
Losses - Creed and huge upset to Jerry Quarry (TKO6).
Wins - Savarese, Lazer, Shazzon Bradley and controversial win (SD15) to Gerry Cooney.

19. Jack Dempsey, USA, 19-3-0 (18)
Losses - Tunney and twice to Langford.
Wins - Ali, B.J. Flores, Battling Levinsky.

20. Riddick Bowe, USA, 14-2-0 (13)
Losses - Tyson twice.
Wins - Patterson, Holyfield, Tunney, George Foreman.

21. Earnie Shavers, USA, 12-3-0 (12)
22. Tom Sharkey, Ireland, 19-4-0 (16)
23. Jameel McCline, USA, 14-4-0 (7)
24. Axel Schulz, Germany, 19-3-1 (9)
25. George Foreman, USA, 13-2-0 (13)
26. Dick Matthews, USA, 16-1-0 (15)
27. Young Stribling, USA, 13-0-1 (8)
28. Harry Wills, USA, 11-0-0 (10)
29. Floyd Patterson, USA, 19-3-0 (17)
30. Sergei Kobozev, Russia, 17-2-0 (14)
31. George Chuvalo, Canada, 13-2-1 (13)
32. King Levinsky, USA, 14-3-0 (11)
33. Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield, USA, 15-2-1 (15)
34. Harry Matthews, USA, 17-4-0 (15)
35. Bruce Woodcock, UK, 14-2-0 (14)
36. Jack Johnson, USA, 14-1-0 (11)
37. Ken Norton, USA, 13-3-1 (10)
38. Apollo Creed, USA, 16-3-0 (12)
39. Ezzard Charles, USA, 18-2-0 (15)
40. Jersey Joe Walcott, USA, 11-1-0 (9)
41. Jerry Quarry, USA, 17-3-0 (17)
42. Joe Jeannette, USA, 12-2-0 (9)
43. Emmett Rocco, USA, 12-3-0 (7)
44. James Corbett, USA, 11-0-0 (4)
45. Tom Allen, UK, 13-5-3 (8)
46. Amos Lincoln, USA, 12-2-0 (9)
47. Lance “Goofy” Whitaker, USA, 10-2-1 (8)
48. Donovan “Razor” Ruddock, Canada, 15-4-0 (14)
49. Jack Townsend, USA, 10-2-0 (8)
50. Pietro Aurino, Italy, 16-4-0 (13)

The experts choices for the Top 10 Heavyweights


1. Muhammad Ali
2. Joe Louis
3. Jack Johnson
4. Jack Dempsey
5. Sam Langford
6. Rocky Marciano
7. Gene Tunney
8. Archie Moore
9. George Foreman
10. Joe Frazier

Mr. Challenge

1. Sam Langford
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Joe Louis
4. Ezzard Charles
5. Jack Johnson
6. Larry Holmes
7. Gene Tunney
8. Archie Moore
9. Bob Fitzsimmons
10. Jack Dempsey


1. Muhammad Ali
2. Jack Dempsey
3. Joe Louis
4. Jack Johnson
5. James Jeffries
6. George Foreman
7. Rocky Marciano
8. Joe Frazier
9. Gene Tunney
10. Larry Holmes


1. Muhammad Ali
2. Rocky Marciano
3. Gene Tunney
4. Joe Louis
5. Floyd Patterson
6. Larry Holmes
7. Jack Johnson
8. Harry Wills
9. Joe Frazier
10. Sam Langford

Tracy Callis

1. James Jeffries
2. Jack Johnson
3. Jack Dempsey
4. Joe Louis
5. Muhammad Ali
6. Gene Tunney
7. Jim Corbett
8. Sonny Liston
9. Rocky Marciano
10. Larry Holmes

Ring Magazine

1. Muhammad Ali
2. Joe Louis
3. Rocky Marciano
4. Ezzard Charles
5. Archie Moore
6. Jack Dempsey
7. Evander Holyfield
8. George Foreman
9. Larry Holmes
10. Gene Tunney

1. Muhammad Ali
2. Joe Louis
3. Rocky Marciano
4. George Foreman
5. Joe Frazier
6. Jack Dempsey
7. Mike Tyson
8. Jack Johnson
9. Evander Holyfield
10. Archie Moore

George Foreman

1. Joe Louis
2. Rocky Marciano
3. Jack Johnson
4. Muhammad Ali
5. Joe Frazier
6. Jack Dempsey
7. Mike Tyson
8. Sonny Liston
9. Floyd Patterson
10. Evander Holyfield

Cox’s Corner

1. Joe Louis
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Larry Holmes
4. Jack Johnson
5. Jack Dempsey
6. James Jeffries
7. Mike Tyson
8. Sonny Liston
9. Lennox Lewis
10. Rocky Marciano

Sectional Ranked Contenders


1. Vitali Klitschko, Ukraine, 14-2-0 (13)
2. Ivan Drago, Russia, 21-5-0 (20)
3. Max Schmeling, Germany, 20-4-1 (18)
4. Tom Sharkey, Ireland, 19-4-0 (16)
5. Axel Schulz, Germany, 19-3-1 (9)
6. Sergei Kobozev, Russia, 17-2-0 (14)
7. Bruce Woodcock, UK, 14-2-0 (14)
8. Tom Allen, UK, 13-5-3 (8)
9. Pietro Aurino, Italy, 16-4-0 (13)
10. Alexander Zolkin, Russia, 18-1-0 (16)
11. Soren Peterson, Denmark, 11-0-0 (7)
12. Frank Rylands, UK, 13-2-0 (5)
13. Sultan Ibragimov, Russia, 15-0-0 (14)
14. Francesco Damiani, Italy, 14-2-0 (10)
15. Georges Carpentier, France, 14-1-1 (13)


1. Mustafa Couzee, South Africa, 20-3-0 (20)
2. Ike Ikeabuchi, Nigeria, 19-4-0 (16)
3. Peter Jackson, Australia, 18-3-0 (17)
4. Don McCorkindale, South Africa, 15-3-0 (11)
5. Harry Laing, New Zealand, 13-2-0 (12)
6. Maurice Strickland, New Zealand, 10-1-0 (8)
7. Larry Foley, Australia, 11-0-0 (7)
8. Mike I. Williams, South Africa, 14-1-0 (13)
9. Corrie Sanders, South Africa, 18-3-0 (13)
10. Jim O’Sullivan, New Zealand, 11-0-0 (10)
11. George Thompson, Australia, 11-1-0 (7)
12. Tom Lees, Australia, 19-2-0 (14)
13. Tom Heeney, New Zealand, 17-2-0 (10)
14. Tony Fuliliangi, Tonga, 12-4-0 (10)
15. Lou Strydom, South Africa, 9-3-0 (6)

USBA (Fighters Records available in World Rankings)

1. James Jeffries
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Sam McVea
4. Gene Tunney
5. Joe Frazier
6. Larry Holmes
7. Jack Dempsey
8. Riddick Bowe
9. Earnie Shavers
10. Jameel McCline
11. George Foreman
12. Dick Matthews
13. Young Stribling
14. Harry Wills
15. Floyd Patterson


1. Sam Langford, Canada, 17-3-0 (16)
2. Teofilo Stevenson, Cuba, 19-4-0 (19)
3. George Chuvalo, Canada, 13-2-1 (13)
4. Donovan Ruddock, Canada, 15-4-0 (14)
5. Ansell Baba Adams, Trinidad & Tobago, 13-4-0 (10)
6. John Herrera, Cuba, 10-3-0 (6)
7. Robert Cleroux, Canada, 18-2-0 (16)
8. Alejandro Lavorante, Argentina, 19-3-0 (15)
9. Alex Miteff, Argentina, 14-2-1 (12)
10. Dan Dwyer, Canada, 11-0-0 (10)
11. Luis Acosta, Argentina, 10-4-1 (9)
12. O’Neil Bell, Jamaica, 13-3-0 (13)
13. Angus Snyder, Canada, 7-2-1 (5)
14. Cesar Brion, Argentina, 13-1-1 (9)
15. Red Russell, Canada, 10-1-0 (8)

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