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Originally Posted by barkflex View Post
Great start, will be following, although I'm not even remotely familiar with that period. The only gripe I have is with Skip's pic, the old one was just dead on perfect, the younger one doesn't remind me of Skip at all, it just seems like some average joe to me. Maybe I'll just have to let it grow on me a little.
Quite honestly, it is the same person! At the end of the sim, I think I'll reveal who the person actually is---he was sort of a NYC-based celeb back in the late 50s-mid-60s. Also, remember, this is Skip only a few years out of college, long before the divorces, Studio 54, and substance abuse.
Back in the 1950s pretty much everybody looked like an average Joe (hey, I know a ton of guys who look like Joe the Plumber).

But I will be changing his pic later on in the sim once we get into the 60s. In fact the picture plays a role in what happens in the uni!

Now that's some kind of mystery stuff---or the biggest load of BS a member ever dropped in a thread

And thanks for your comments and interest in this sim.
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