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Originally Posted by Romdawg88 View Post
Yeah, SAL/Alvarez needs to happen. I have no doubt that if the HBF/IBL had continued it would of gone down there as well. Don't have Mike around to exchange trash talk with anymore so SAL will have to serve as the replacement.

Yeah, I noticed and I like the change. It makes more sense to have the head trainer be the bossman instead of the youngest and least talented guys in the group. Course, being a Cruiserweight will help Elmer out since the division won't be as deep as HW. I do have a question that I've been meaning to ask which Roy Jones is leading the Alliance, Sr or Jr?
Definitely Sr. Little Jr. ain't even a glint in his pappa's eyes yet. Gonna be a detailed article on the Alliance coming up in about four or five posts from now.
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