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Just a note on a couple of things in case anyone is wondering about them...

In regards to the history of boxing in this uni it's safe to assume that every past world champion in each weight division from it's beginnings to the current day was a fictional fighter. The only exception to this is any real-life fighters who have been written about so far in the thread as being current or former world champions (eg. Ken Norton, Ray Mercer). There are some other real-life fighters who are current champions that have not been mentioned yet but will be in time. This means that any real-life fighter who I have not included to date (and won't include in the near future) are still yet to start their career, either because they are too young or not born yet.

The other thing is the individuals running the sport and media personalities. I decided to go with a "real organisations, fictional individuals" policy, meaning people such as Don King, Jose Suliman, etc. won't be making appearances. They don't exist in this uni's reality.

Next post is a big one so it won't be up for two or three days.

Hope everyone is enjoying the ride so far.

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