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Originally Posted by kenyan_cheena View Post
Hi, folks. I'm now at the point where I have to figure out the entire field of entrants and seedings for each of the IBL's upcoming tourneys. I've got an excel spreadsheet with details of all the fighters who have been mentioned so far in the uni and whether they have joined the IBL or not. Also on it are fighters who have not yet appeared in the uni and fall into either camp.

As you would understand selecting 504 fighters for the tournaments is quite a task and writing about all of them would just not be possible without taking far too much time, which is why so many of them have not been mentioned to date. As I said when I started this thread I don't want to be bogged down in the detail that made the HBF/IBL uni move at a snail's pace.

Therefore the very next post I make in this thread will be the IBL's big unveiling. Everything will be revealed from the entrants, seedings, the opening round matchups and when they take place to how the league will work once the tourneys are over. I made a note to myself in the days after I started planning this which said "get to the tourneys QUICKLY". I think I'm going to succeed in doing this. After the next post there will be four more articles that take us through to early June, at which point the IBL tournaments will kick off.

I'm going to be overseas for five weeks from December 23 and won't be able to work on the uni during that time so I'm hoping to get as much done in it between now and then. I'd like to thank everyone who's been following it to this point and hope you stay with it into the future. If I have been able to entertain you with this story then I am very happy.

Wow 5 weeks? Work or Play? hopefully the latter. as always great stuff KC
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