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Recruiting for custom historical league - Green Monsta

Back in ootp4 and 5 I ran a league that lasted over 20+ seasons before I needed a break. It was called Green Monsta. This league will be a repeat of it, and use the same name again.

League will begin with an All-Time Great draft, each team will get one All-Time Great player/year, i.e. Babe Ruth 1927 or Joe Dimaggio 1941. (need to balance age when drafted with ability)

After the All-Time Great draft, each team will be allowed to create a fictional player using a tested template I have used in prior leagues.

Finally, the balance of rosters will be filled with a draft of players from 1977.

There will be 20 teams, 2 leagues of 10 teams in 3 divisions each (3-4-3).

There will be one wildcard in each league.

Financial rules that I customized in my prior league will be resurrected as well which includes a "soft" cap on profit/losses. Teams are allowed to spend however they want, but if they lose money above a calculated threshold then they will have suspensions and fines in the following season. The league rules are still being written out but that is the gist of it.

The league will progress with real imported players each year.

Additionally there will be planned future created players and additional ATG (all-time great) player drafts as well (likely every 4 years)

Right now I have plenty of openings as this is my initial post.

Teams names/locations will be customized by owner.

Startup timeframe is tentatively set for around 2/1/09.

Reply or email me with questions or with desire to join.


Green Monsta League

email me at blmeanie

Above link works for some email client programs but not all, email me at
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