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The Frank-Mallard bout was reported as-fought-in-real-life, since, hard as it may be to believe, I could not find a rating for The Duck. I thought about creating one, but didn't want my first from-scratch effort to undervalue such a talent ...

My plan is to sim any heavyweight bout of any value, if I can dredge up both combatants from either the database, cornerwork or the forums (esp. btown's heavyweight file exchange). Anyone have any other sources for gems like Mallard?

Also, I had forgotten until hearing Holmes and Cooney squabble over it before the post-Spinks-fight brawl that Gerry did sign to fight Weaver, which never came off. The WBA really did order Weaver to fight Tillis, its No. 3 contender, first, for some reason. I'm thinking this may be the first diversion from reality ...

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