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July 31, 1981

(cue Howard)

Having seen the undefeated Greg Page dissect and then demolish the heavily muscled hulk who is Floyd "Jumbo" Cummings in a fashion not dissimilar to the form once shown by another Louisville product tutored by Angelo Dundee, we turn our attention to the fight many of you have been waiting for: the 10-round heavyweight bout pitting Gentleman Gerry Cooney against Bernardo Mercado -- the top-ranked contender and the man formerly ranked No. 1.

Will Cooney, the hottest commodity in the division since a Philly fighter named Balboa, prove the same destructive force he was two months ago against Kenny Norton when faced with a foe who can still hold his hands up in defense AND actually throw a punch on occasion? We shall see, after this message from our sponsor.
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