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Hmmm, I noticed some HTML/game ratings were way off from the statslab display, for example a 10/10 in statslab shows up as 7/10 in the game and the game HTML.

Originally Posted by fhomess View Post
StatsLab merely divides the 1-200 actual range by the scale that you're using. As neags says, there appear to be some cases where OOTP reports it slightly different than what dividing up the scale evenly would give based on some additional ratings. If anyone gets the exact formula from Markus, I'll happily incorporate it.
This is pretty interesting. The CDL used the Getch utility last season and I am nearly certain it worked that same way, just dividing the actual rating to our ratings scale.

If that understanding is accurate doesn't that mean this is a significant change for the way the game displays player ratings?

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