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Originally Posted by satchel View Post
The first time I get this error message is after I have used the sliders to set how much the various ratings are weighted ("How much is each worth?").

Then, later, if I use the Option "Choose columns," I get the same error message. The whole body of the detailed error report is exactly the same, in both instances.

I did use the ConfigWizards.exe tool in my .NET 1.1 folder to set the security level for MyComputer to the most-lax setting, but I'm still getting the messages. (I'm using Windows XP Professional.) I couldn't find a Configuration tool in any of the later versions' folders, but many of the .exe programs in those folders had strange (often abbreviated) names, and I didn't experiment.

As I said before, the program seems to function fine when I hit "Continue" through the error messages.
What's happening during those things is that the program is trying to write a small settings file to remember your weights and what columns you chose. So I'm guessing those files aren't getting written because of this error. That means each time you use the program, you have to set the weights again, and the columns you selected the previous time aren't automatically the only ones showing? Is that right?

I researched the error a little bit, and everything I found seems to be network related. I don't think it's anything I can change on my end, as it seems to be some kind of a .net setting on your machine.

If it works, though, I guess just bypass the errors. I know resetting the weights every time would get pretty annoying for me, so I'm sorry I can't do much to help you there (If that's happening for you).
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