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Talking ScoutingTracker Now Available!

Introducing ScoutingTracker, the development tracker for leagues that use scouting!

All of the great features devTracker has, plus a few extra goodies.

This can be used for solo leagues and online leagues.

This utility does not need your csv files. It reads OOTP's .dat files directly. Any time you run the utility, it looks at the .dat files to see if there are new scouting reports available, and writes a new baseline file accordingly.

The reading of the OOTP .dat files was made possible by Tony M.! So thanks to him for helping me out so much there.

There is a catch to using this utility, however. To ensure that you aren't trying to cheat in online leagues, I had to implement a system that verified you are only looking at ratings from your scout. So the first time you run this utility, you will have to go through a verification process. There's no way around this. It is a pain, and due to unexplained rounding that OOTP sometimes does, sometimes even valid answers are wrong. But you only have to do it once. Then a file is saved on your PC that lets you skip the setup process. Of course, if you delete that file, you'll have to run setup again next time you use the utility.

There are graphs, a new player card with some pictures and logos, the ability to choose multiple teams and/or players, and what I think is an improved interface.

The only other requirement is that you need the .NET Framework 3.5.

This has only been used by me, so I'm quite confident there are bugs to work out. In fact, some of the program is still being tweaked and worked on, but I figured I would get this out there so people can start using it and getting baselines created. Also, any bug fixes or feedback, I can start working on while I'm still working on other parts of the project. That way I don't have to go back into a project later that I thought was wrapped up with a bow.

So bugs and feedback are, as always, welcome!

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