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Originally Posted by Stu View Post
Sure. We allowed teams to protect 15 players. Any players they selected in the previous two drafts were automatically protected on top of their list of 15. So when we expanded after the 1981 season any players selected in the 1980 and 1981 amateur draft were ineligible for the expansion draft.

Here are the expansion rules we used:

- Round 1 is 28 picks (14 per expansion team)
- Round 2 is 28 picks (14 per expansion team)
- Round 3 is 14 picks (7 per expansion team)
- Teams protect 15 players plus the last 2 drafts. They can add 3 players to their protection list after each round.
- Teams can lose no more than 2 players in Round 1, 2 players in Round 2 and 1 player in Round 3. This would limit a team's losses to 5 players total.
It would be nice if the expansion setup in the OOTP engine could handle all this. As far as I can remember (unless it's changed in a recent patch) OOTP simply allows each team to protect a certain number of players (editable) but you don't get to add more after each round. I don't even remember if it breaks the draft into round at all, I thought it was just one big round, back and forth.

So am I right in presuming you handled this expansion draft outside of the OOTP engine?
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