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Originally Posted by snnort View Post
It would be nice if the expansion setup in the OOTP engine could handle all this. As far as I can remember (unless it's changed in a recent patch) OOTP simply allows each team to protect a certain number of players (editable) but you don't get to add more after each round. I don't even remember if it breaks the draft into round at all, I thought it was just one big round, back and forth.

So am I right in presuming you handled this expansion draft outside of the OOTP engine?
It would definitely be nice if the OOTP engine could handle this. Especially since our model is very similar to how MLB handled their last expansion.

We used the OOTP engine to conduct the draft but handled the additional protected players in the forums. Again, this goes back to finding the right people to run the expansion teams. They were organized and diligent about checking the protection lists to makes sure they weren't drafting somebody who was ineligible.

For some perspective, both teams from our original expansion made the postseason last year, 6 years after they joined the league.
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