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Originally Posted by snnort View Post
Is there positive proof this is the case? I was under the impression that player's salary demand is based ONLY on the player salary settings you have setup in your league options... plus talent in certain positions, and of course effected by the morality ratings of the different players (greed, loyalty, playing for a winner, etc.)... But is it true that the OOTP 10 engine has incorporated the ability of the player AI to look at what other players are actually making to determine their demand?

I'm asking for clarification because I don't know the answer, but I don't want to take this as "biblical" truth (from an OOTP perspective). Is there evidence that the players "look" at other players salary's OR that the player AI looks at available payroll room of the league as a whole when it determines player salary demands?
I don't think the AI looks at what other players are making but I do believe it looks at available budget room throughout the league. Not 100% positive but would be pretty easy to test.
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