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Originally Posted by rutri01 View Post
We expand without the expansion draft- so most may not like my process or help you in anyway. Since we are a new league and expanded in season two- most didn't want an expansion draft but since we were only 14 teams wanted more teams. We have 6 GMs on the waiting list. So I decided to expand 6 new teams for a total of 20 in season 2. Also we were 1 league of 14. We then went to 2 leagues of 10.

We have the amateur draft at the end of the season. So I add the teams after the amateur draft. Create the new teams and fill the organization with players. Not sure if I would get worse, the same, or better players than if we did and expansion draft. The new teams were allowed to sign free agents and will attend the 2nd amateur draft coming up in a few weeks.

We are thinking about adding another 4-8 teams in season 3. I have a bunch of guys waiting for teams so I will add more if they still want in and follow the same process. It worked well and didn't cause any extra work. The new GMs new about the process and were ok with it. Some may not if they want to draft- but I didn't want to do 2 drafts back to back.
You're expanding too many teams at a time to have a successful expansion draft anyway... so the way that you are handling expansion is certainly for the best.
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