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Thumbs up PBRL - Fastpaced v6.5 Historical/Fictional League in our 89th season! Needs 2 GM's

Some of you may recognize me from the gigantic dynasty thread I ran a couple years back: P L A G U E !

Since then I've been the commissioner of the Professional Baseball Replay League: PBRL, a historical/fictional league that has been running for 88 seasons. I ran 1901-10 as a solo league to get some history, and we have been live since 1911. As of today, we are entering 1989 and find ourselves in need of a GM for the Phillies next season. This does not happen often, so strike while the iron is HOT

Here are some current features of the league:
  • As the commissioner, I do NOT own a team. I take care of teams in owners' absences and I pride myself on being completely impartial.
  • We use actual park factors based on data from an owner who worked for MLB
  • The league totals are tweaked throughout the season in order to accurate match the historical totals as closely as possible.
  • We use actual MLB historical schedules
  • Players are fictional, but we use actual teams (though some of them entered the leagues earlier or later than in reality).
  • We have a complete Catobase with additional stats coded in: Pro Replay History - League Statistics and History
  • We have an owner-made Hall of Fame based on the Cato Template: Hall of Fame - Pro Replay History
  • PBRL is a talent-only league using the 1-10 scale. Ratings are invisible.
  • There are no financials. Instead of Free Agency, we have had an international league called the IPL (OOTP 6 Generated Website) running simultaneously since 1970 with actual teams from Asia, Mexico and the Caribbean. Each season, 25-30 players from the IPL declare themselves eligible for "free agency" and teams submit blind bids on them. The signed players are imported to their new PBRL teams the following season.
  • Random free Agents added each year to teams to represent the "diamonds in the rough" discovered by your scouts
  • All playoff games and the All Star game are broadcast live.
  • PBRL has at least 6 sims per week, including a live End of Season sim posted on the forums.
In the past we have had:
  • The Federal League
  • The Negro Leagues with teams breaking the color
  • Players left for WWI and WWII. Some were wounded or killed. Some returned better than before.

As you can see, this is a very deep league with tons of history, a lot of activity and extremely devoted GM's. If you're interested in joining, send me a PM here or email me at metsgeek at yahoo dot com
Commissioner - PBRL - Just finished 2009

109 seasons and still running strong!!!

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