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CW's All-Timers League

This is a project I started in OOTPX, but I'm moving it to OOTP11 and planning to release at the same time. The project? A 48-team league featuring the all-time greatest players in the Majors.


The Players:
There have been a lot of All-Time player sets, but all of them have either used single season stats or career stats for player ratings. I feel like neither give a true representation of player talent for the type of game I want to play. Single season stats make guys like Darin Erstad a stud, even though he basically had only one great season. Career stats hurt guys like Fernando Valenzuela who basically was out of gas by the end of his career. Therefore, I created a modified Lahman database with each players' six best seasons (based on a slightly modified wOBA or FIP), neutralized. Every single player with six qualifying Major League seasons is in this set. Fielding is imported with the new OOTP11 fielding DB from the same six seasons I picked as the player's best offensive years (so Sheffield won't be able to play 3B). I also added 168 Negro League players using Cooperstown's wonderful Negro League set. I adjusted all their ratings to fit in with the rest of this set. There is also one bonus player that I added for fun...someone with only one career PA.

The Teams:
Another problem with all-time sets are the original 16 teams. How are even the oldest expansion teams (Angels, Astros, Mets, etc.) supposed to compete with the long storied histories of teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, Pirates, and Giants? Well, I've broken all the original teams in half. Each original team has a pre-1958 team and a 1958+ team (except the Browns/Orioles and the Twins/Senators, which are broken at the point the team moved cities). Jackie Robinson will play for Brooklyn, and Sandy Koufax will play for Los Angeles.

Each player is assigned to the team they played the most games with. This eliminates any debate of "I don't agree with Player A being on Team B". If a player played 6 years with the Giants, four in N.Y., two in S.F., and then 5 more years with other teams after, they will be on the S.F. Giants because they played with the Giants franchise more than any other, and the bulk of their career is 1958+. The Marlins, Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Rays are all on one team: the Arizona Rock Marrays. For players that never played enough games with any one team to qualify, they are on the Miami Journeymen. All pre-1900 players have been randomly split onto two teams: the Louisville Colonels and the Providence Grays. The Negro League players have been split onto the Birmingham Black Barons and the Kansas City Monarchs.

The teams have been split into two sub-leagues, three divisions with eight teams each:


AL Classic
Boston Americans (1901-1957 Red Sox Franchise)
Chicago Pale Hose (1901-1957 White Sox Franchise)
Cleveland Blues (1901-1957 Indians Franchise)
Detroit Wolverines (1901-1957 Tigers Franchise)
New York Highlanders (1901-1957 Yankees Franchise)
Philadelphia Athletics (1901-1957 Athletics Franchise)
St. Louis Browns (1901-1953 Browns/Orioles Franchise)
Washington Senators (1901-1960 Senators/Twins Franchise)

AL West
California Angels (All Angels Franchise)
Chicago White Sox (1958+ White Sox Franchise)
Kansas City Royals (All Royals Franchise)
Milwaukee Brewers (All Pilots/Brewers Franchise)
Minnesota Twins (1961+ Senators/Twins Franchise)
Oakland A's (1958+ Athletics Franchise)
Seattle Mariners (All Mariners Franchise)
Texas Rangers (All Senators/Rangers Franchise)

AL East
Baltimore Orioles (1954+ Browns/Orioles Franchise)
Birmingham Black Barons (1/2 of the Negro League Players)
Boston Red Sox (1958+ Red Sox Franchise)
Cleveland Indians (1958+ Indians Franchise)
Detroit Tigers (1958+ Tigers Franchise)
New York Yankees (1958+ Yankees Franchise)
Providence Grays (1/2 of the Pre-1900s Players)
Toronto Blue Jays (All Blue Jays Franchise)

NL Classic
Boston Bees (1900-1957 Braves Franchise)
Brooklyn Robins (1900-1957 Dodgers Franchise)
Chicago Whales (1900-1957 Cubs Franchise)
Cincinnati Redlegs (1900-1957 Reds Franchise)
New York Gothams (1900-1957 Giants Franchise)
Philadelphia Quakers (1900-1957 Phillies Franchise)
Pittsburgh Alleghenys (1900-1957 Pirates Franchise)
St. Louis Perfectos (1900-1957 Cardinals Franchise)

NL West
Arizona Rock Marrays (All Marlins, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Rays Franchises)
Chicago Cubs (1958+ Cubs Franchise)
Houston Astros (All Astros Franchise)
Kansas City Monarchs (1/2 of the Negro League Players)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1958+ Dodgers Franchise)
San Diego Padres (All Padres Franchise)
San Francisco Giants (1958+ Giants Franchise)
St. Louis Cardinals (1958+ Cardinals Franchise)

NL East
Atlanta Braves (1958+ Braves Franchise)
Cincinnati Reds (1958+ Reds Franchise)
Louisville Colonels (1/2 of the Pre-1900 Players)
Miami Journeymen (All Players Without A Main Team)
Montreal Expos (All Expos/Nationals Franchise)
New York Mets (All Mets Franchise)
Philadelphia Phillies (1958+ Phillies Franchise)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1958+ Pirates Franchise)
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A 48-team league featuring the all-time greatest players in the Majors. Players' ratings are based on their 6 best major league seasons, neutralized.

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