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Originally Posted by Taer View Post
I am very confused. I understood these rosters to be included already in version 11 and that there was a quick-play option available for novices like myself?

I am looking forward to seeing my favorites playing in one league all together, but am seriously confused on how to make what I have pictured in my frazzled brain.
The roster quickstart included with OOTP11 is Cooperstown's excellent All-Time set. My set is independent from that one.

Main differences between Cooperstown's set and mine:
- Cooperstown's set uses the player's single best season to determine ratings, and I use an average of the player's six best seasons.
- I split the original 16 teams in half.
- Cooperstown's set is more balanced, so some players are on teams they didn't play the most games with. I strictly placed players on the team they played the most games with.
- Cooperstown set doesn't have Negro League players. However, he has another set (that doesn't come with OOTP11) that does and it also includes Nippon's greatest players, which is something I do not have.
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