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Bloodball's Best-forgotten Facts: More Bloodball City Nickname Origins

A true Bloodball fan never has enough bloodball trivia. Here's more to gorge yourself on, Bloodball Fans!

Piggsplurgh was the nickname the Halflings gave to this city whose suburbs they filled with hog farms, and it exemplifies their gluttonous habits of devouring the quickly slaughtered animals. Piggsplurgh is also known as the “Squeal City” from the non-stop noise coming from its porkers.

Sinsenasty referred to the red light district prominent here during the late wars. Sin and nastiness is practically the city’s motto even today. Popularly called the "Blue Strip City."

Brokenlymb is that burrow across from Manfatten Island in New Ork where one Orc clan resided. Anyone other than an Ork found within the limits of this clan’s burrow had his limbs summarily broken for trespassing; hence, its other appropriate name “Flatcrush.”

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