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Bloodball's Best-forgotten Facts: Injuryfielders and Others

“Running the bases in Bloodball is like running the gauntlet!” was reportedly spoken by one bloodballer. The reason is the injuryfield (or infield), bloodball fans!

The injuryfielders are made up of the fist baseman, sock’em baseman, hurt baseman and shirtstop. Besides grabbing the bloodball, these infielders main job is to hinder and harm any runner who dares to reach or advance base. In fact, even the grabber typically grabs the shirt tails of any clubber or manages to get a hit and tries to run to fist base. The infielders use fists, sock jaws, stomp on toes, or tear off jerseys to impede the runners –all of course against official bloodball rules! The problem is that although the grumpires notice such hooligan-like infractions, they often ignore them since flowing blood is often the consequence of such actions but is so appealing to vampires. No wonder injuries are so severe and lengthy!

Runners of course don’t have to worry about the outfielders since they are “outside their reach.” The outfielders usually are chasing down flying bloodballs like loopers, bolts, beeliners, and bouncing headrollers, or they are slingshotting the bloodball back to the infield often with the intent of braining the runners with it.

“Get on you horse’ was once yelled at one outfielder, so the term, centaurfielder (cf) or centaur, appeared in bloodball lore. Maybe the names, wightfielder (rf) and elfielder (lf), originated from the races that first planted their stinkin’ feet in the grass there. Plus, Wights were first attracted to bloodball when they heard about dead balls, and Elves feel “left out" due to their own pompous attitude towards the other bloodball races.

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