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MLB Creation Settings

These are some of the creation settings for Mage League Bloodball.

1. 16 "mager" league teams divided into two leagues.

2. 8 "miner" leagues, one for each bloodball race, each consisting of 12 teams - 6 in each competing league-each of these leagues' six teams provides bloodballers for only one MLB team. Miner leagues are AAA.

3. MLB and miner leagues play a 112 game schedule. Each team plays all the others in their league 16 times (8H,8A).

4. MLB play with 1956 year import setting including general strategic tendencies.

5. Miner league have unique general strategic tendencies depending on the bloodball race. These tendencies are based on the charactersitics of races from Blood Bowl (movement allowance, agility, armor value and strength).

6. No foreigners allowed.

7. Trades between teams in the MLB and miner leagues are restricted by race, so, in the MLB for example, an elf team in the Hysterikan League can only trade players to the elf team in the Irrational League.

8. No free agency.

9. 1956 finances.

10. Injuries set at very high.

11. Trading frequency average and easy.

12, Suspensions, drugs and injuries enabled.

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