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Bloodball’s Best-forgotten Facts: Greenskins

Players of all races play Bloodball for racial pride and honor and the restrained brutality of the game, but greenskins fuel the sport more and more, especially for the greedy team owners.

Professional Bloodball players don’t get paid in gold crowns like in the Old World. Instead they are given salaries in the common currency of Hysterika – the greenskin. As you know, the greenskin is a slip of paper with a snake whose body is stabbed vertically with a stake in three places. This currency has painted portraits issued by the various races – Goblin, Imperial, Dwarf, etc on one side.

Historians of antiquity have found numerous examples of the old Hysterikan “dollar” currency, but its origin has confused historians (no surprise there) because there is no picture of dolls or females on it, only pictures of old and wrinkled, bearded humans. The dollar was also called a greenback because of its color no doubt.

During the past wars in Hysterika, the Imperial government at Sinsenasty used to issue bounties on dead Orcs and Goblins. Heads were too bulky to carry to the Imperial strongholds, so the Empire announced that the green hides of the slain Orcs and Goblins would suffice. These hides or “greenskins” were pinned together by a stake and brought to the Imperial agent who would set up his table by the side of a Owhoa river bank and conduct his “banking” transactions –greenskins for gold and silver. Thus, the first “bank” in Hysterika was founded by the invading Imperials.

The greenskin naturally became the popular currency choice for the post-war economy of Hysterika.

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