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Bloodball Hysterika Top 100 Prospects List Published

Friesday, Jinxworry 2nd, 2601: The season is about to start, so it's time for Bloodball Hysterika to publish the annual Top 100 Prospects list. This year 22-year-old starting pitcher Fenai Icehammer of the Brokenlymb Daggers is the #1 prospect overall. Here is the top 10:

1) SP Fenai Icehammer, 22,Orc, Brokenlymb Daggers
2) SP Lutolf Blassmann, 22, Imperial, Sinsenasty Shreds
3) 3B Madost Giantbeast, 22, Goblin, New Ork Tyrants
4) CL Enror Tailthief, 20, Dark Elf, Quikargo Fright Sox
5) SP Yararth the Trusting, 22, Ogre, Quikargo Klubs
6) SP Arodoce Fightershooter, 19, Dark Elf, Quikargo Fright Sox
7) SP Legoril Highboar, 17, Elf, Bosstown Graves
8) SP Ginus Goldenaxe, 24, Dwarf, Screwloose Frowns
9) SP Tafur Blacktunnel, 22, Dwarf, Screwloose Frowns
10) SP Gloinus Trollhammer, 21,Dwarf, Screwloose Bards

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