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Sour Grapes League Report

Chewsday - Morque 31, 2601

“Spring Braining” came to an end today as the MLB teams wrapped up their 24-game schedule. The Dwarf Screwloose Frowns took the Hysterikan League (HL) mini-flag while in the Irrational League (IL), the Orc Brokenlymb Daggers won 17 games and won the title. The other MLB teams just snickered and laughed off the Sour Grapes League standings.

The real goal of the Sour Grapes League is to whittle down the opposition by any means possible and to cull the weak and infirm from the rosters. To that end, 104 players were mangled, mashed or fell to a host of sicknesses during the Spring.

Red Pox LF Sarm Holefire suffered post-headbanging trauma and was tossed from the MLB forever.
The imperilous Cleavehand Insanes seemed to take the brunt of the hammering. The Insanes’ Carolus Ludenhoffer had a kicked kneecap and his teammate 1B Kasmir Mohrmann , a pummeled shoulder; both are out for 4-5 months. 1B Eberhard Nuin has a collapsed elbow and is out for 7 months.

The Frowns’ SP Hoili Minecart will have bone chips cut out of his elbow and will be recovering on a Furyday beach for six months.

All these weaklings won’t be missed this season!

The real Mage League Bloodball schedule begins on Peril 6, 2601.

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