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Originally Posted by Dr. P.R. Park III View Post
Could you tell me if you updated your version of the game with any of the bungled patches that were recently released? I haven't even opened the game in a number of months, so I think I was on Patch #2 or #3; but I'd be interested to know if WOB is compatible. I know there was a known problem with the player being unable to play out and manage games, and I dealt with Tech Support for about a month, but there was never a guarantee if the problem was fixed.

Can anyone out there confirm that they can successfully manage a game? Anytime I tried in the past, the game CTD. Obviously, if I would have known such a problem would persist, I wouldn't have spent the dozens of hours to create WOB.
I'm playing the latest version 11.2.18 on Windows XP.

I can start a game, even with sound and pictures on (I haven't tried with BNN enabled), but the second click any tab at the top except team stats it crashes. I can even start a game w/o modifying the lineups, etc. and it will run fine, except I obviously can't substitute. But if I skip ahead to the end of the game it will load the box score correctly.

I put quite a bit of work into tweaking the universe to my liking (deleting the American independents, adding the Cuban leagues, creating a Commonwealth Baseball League which runs from Vanuatu to Calgary) and then I discovered that I couldn't play out a game. What a sad day. It's a beautiful universe though.
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