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Originally Posted by professordp View Post
Just a personal note to you, Bear...I pretty much kicked the academic can down the street. Not given tenure at a community college with a Ph.D! So what's the best comeback...I bailed mid-semester!!! You can appreciate the problems that sort of action might cause!

Sent the department chair 90 (I kid you not!) ungraded papers and exams. But I did email my kids to tell them that it would all be okay!

Totally retired with a New Jersey public employee pension and Social Security.

These days I skip down the local streets with profound thoughts of what I'll be doing with my next installment of my TBCB unis.

Oh, life is so wonderful!!!
I'm going to be scheduling a meeting with a rep from our state retirement system this coming February. The very thought of discussing retirment options brings a serene smile to my face.
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