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Philly Cheesesteaks-Frankie Anselm Jr.

No relationship at all to the late 20s-early 30s Kid Anselm who fought Kid Chocolate as a bantam. Junior was actually Albert Broadster who prowled the welterweight ranks during the 1950s compiling a record of won 30 (KO 11) + lost 21 (KO 9) + drawn 0.

Unlike your typical Philly fighter, Anselm was somewhat of a wanderer, more than willing to leave the friendly confines of the City of Brotherly Love for advernture and a purse.

Beyond a bus ride into New Jersey to fight in Camden, Trenton, and Atlantic City, Anselm logged fights all over the Western Hemisphere. Among his ports of call were Havana, Mexico City, and Jamaica.

Stateside, he boxed in Chicago, Baltimore, Hartford, and Providence, Rhode Island. Moreover, he wasn't unknown to the New York fight crowd, hitting the venues in Brooklyn, White Plains, St. Nicks, and even a six rounder at Madison Square Garden.

Frankie was a skilled boxer who lacked a punch and owned a questionable chin, but he also had a lot of heart! He did have a couple big fights, but mostly he was your typical, undercard, prelim fighter.

He greatest claim to glory was an eight round points win over fellow Philly native, Charlie Scott, who was white hot at the time, in 1958. Two years later, Scott picked up a unanimous ten round win in a rematch.

Also in 1958, he was matched against Jose Torres in a ten rounder at St. Nicks. Jose need nine rounds for Art Mercante to count Frankie out...the only time Anslem was counted out.

It appears that training was one of Anselm's demons. Moving around, taking a fight where he could find one, was disruptive to his training. Thus, Anselm in the last few years of his career was a tad overweight, forcing him to fight above his natural weight class and square-off against those harder hitting middleweight.Name:  AnselmJr_Frankie.jpg
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