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Originally Posted by a87star View Post
Prof.....Just a quick comment on Lewis. These type of HW's have been sprinkled in every era of boxing history. Ironically, they all seem to have really good PR machines behind them.
I agree, but it was pretty pronounced whenever a non-white held the heavyweight crown (for a variety or reasons, Joe Louis was an exception). I suspect that the last real example of this was put to rest nearly thirty years ago when Holmes dispatched Cooney.

Where I do differ with you, however, relates to public relations "machines" (good term on your part!). In terms of Lewis and the post-Marciano white heavyweights during the 50s and 60s, you really didn't need to hire a public relations guy off of Madison Avenue...the boxing press (The Ring and Boxing Illustrated) seemed to be more than willing to splash a lot of black ink on a white heavyweight, regardless of his abilities.
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