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Originally Posted by professordp View Post
I agree, but it was pretty pronounced whenever a non-white held the heavyweight crown (for a variety or reasons, Joe Louis was an exception). I suspect that the last real example of this was put to rest nearly thirty years ago when Holmes dispatched Cooney.

Where I do differ with you, however, relates to public relations "machines" (good term on your part!). In terms of Lewis and the post-Marciano white heavyweights during the 50s and 60s, you really didn't need to hire a public relations guy off of Madison Avenue...the boxing press (The Ring and Boxing Illustrated) seemed to be more than willing to splash a lot of black ink on a white heavyweight, regardless of his abilities.
Do you think that the handlers of these white heavyweights went to these publications and asked for a good word or did the media just sought these guys out so we could accept them as legit contenders when it really was the opposite? I'm thinking the latter but i'm sure there were a few cases when word of mouth played a role.
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