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Balancing Recalc & Development

I run an online league (historical/mixed DB/recalc on/dev on) where one of my owners is having an annoying time with Randy Johnson, as discussed in this thread:

The bottom line, if you don't want to read the thread- Johnson recalcs accordingly each season, but thanks to development being on in our league, during each season his velocity starts to go down, which means his Stuff rating nosedives, which hurts him quite a bit- ratings-wise- b/c so much of his value is in his stuff rating. It is very clear from testing I have done that having development on is doing this and that the development AI sees Johnson is 30+ and supposed to throw 99+ and says "no way, we're going to knock down his velocity b/c he's 30+"

OK, enough freaking background! Here's my problem- the only solution I've seen to this problem is: "Turn development off. I never use development in a recalc league."

BUT- while that is an answer to the specific Randy Johnson problem, it's not a solution because turning recalc off allows for other issues that affect the whole league. I ran some tests ahead, for example, and I now have a 45-year-old Mike Mussina still pitching and he has had the exact same ratings for going on 9 seasons. AND- this is what happens with every single player that has run out of real life stats- they simply maintain the exact same ratings year after year after year.

So now your answer is: "Well, you have to play with 'retire according to history' on." But I don't like that answer either. In an online league, that creates a level of predictability that dampens player movement.

So my question: Has anyone found a balance with recalc & development that allows the two to work together? Where you DON"T get guys coming "off the reservation" with the exact same ratings every year? I've been playing in my tests with the the pitcher & batting aging factors and suspect that is the only avenue, but maybe someone else has a better idea.

PS- I realize this is long-winded and there are aspects of this to argue from a personal preference standpoint ("You HAVE to turn development off!" "You have to retire according to history!" "There's NOTHING that can be done!" and blah, blah, blah.)- the point is: this is the way we want to run our league. If you disagree with it and think we're stupid, good for you! But don't waste my time telling me that. I'm simply looking for creative ideas that people may use, not for what you think about our league setup.

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