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The Cornhusker State
Nebraska is represented by nine fighters including, Bearcat Wright and Luther McCarty. Also Ron Stander, a more recent entry in boxing is part of this group and was at one time the real HW champion of Nebraska. Bearcat defeated Jack Johnson and Sam Langford among others in his career. McCarty has many of you know died shortly after his last fight.
Fight-In: #9 Mike Acklie defeats #8 Ron Marsh by unanimous decision.

Quarter Finals:
Luther McCarty (2) defeats Morris Jackson (7) by KO in the fourth. Jackson was holding his own, having won round two. McCarty came out in the fourth to finish the fight, nailing Jackson with an uppercut 38 seconds into the round, Jackson struggled to make it back on his feet but ran out of time.

Monte Munn (4) won his fight with Dicky Ryan (5). It was a fairly even fight until the 9th when Ryan was called for a blatant foul and disqualified.

Ron Stander (3) wins by unanimous decision versus Jack Taylor (6). Stander scored a knockdown on Taylor in the 9th round and was in control most of the fight. 116-111, 117-111, 116-111

Bearcat Wright (1) knocked out an overmatch Mike Acklie (9) in the fourth round. Acklie said he “never saw the train that hit him.”

Semi Finals
Bearcat Wright (1) took ten rounds to defeat Monte Munn. Munn was ready but just could not put enough punches on target to hurt the number one seed. Bearcat knocked down Munn with a nasty hook, and appeared out on his feet as the fight continued. Munn took a serious beating that and survived. Munn covered up all of the 9th, and late in the 10th Wright connected with a “devastating cross to the head” sending Munn to the canvas again. Munn was a battler, and got back on his feet, but his corner and the ref saw the handwriting on the wall and the fight was stopped at 2:26 of the tenth.

Luther McCarty (2) was served a first round wakeup call by Ron Stander (3) as Stander went toe to toe with McCarty. McCarty took over from round 2 and stalking Stander until he landed the knockout blow at 2:11 of the sixth round.

Bearcat Wright and Luther McCarty went the distance in a fight that went back and forth. There were a few rounds of action and rounds that were stinkers. The big moment came in the 11th as Wright sent McCarty to the canvas for a seven count and opened a cut over his right eye. The twelfth round was a great final round with the two warriors slugging it out until the bell rang ending the fight. In the end the judges gave the nod to Bearcat Wright 116-111, 118-111, 116-111. It was closer than the scorecards indicate.
Bearcat Wright moves on to the Nationals.

(Dumb Navy Story. Monte Munn reminded me of the time I spent in a command center in Sicily. I picked up the phone and the Chief of Staff for the Big Dog in Naples asked to speak to LCDR Hitt. I informed him that he was out of the building. Next he asked for Lt. Munn... well "Sorry Captain, he is not here either, I guess you could say we have no Munns, no Hitts and hopefully have made no errors today." )
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