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ok, I have a couple of questions...
  • Is the 18-45 DB merged with any other DB? ie high school?
  • Is there a way to have some sort of randomness (ie development) along with using recalc (to keep things similar to RL but not exact)?

I can't speak for others but I would like the "what if" factor to be an option for my historical leagues but for them not to stray way off from real life. For example, I wouldn't mind Kevin Maas having a decent 10 year career, but I don't neccessarily want to see him hi 500 homers. Also, having Barry Bonds stay a 30-40 HR and 40-50 SB guy as opposed to becoming a masher late would be cool.

Basically, I want to seem a little randomness and a few minor-medium surprises while mostly staying close to real life...
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