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The Final For for New Jersey and the Winner is...

James Braddock v. Jersey Joe Walcott: This one went the distance with neither fighter having a chance to do much damage, but in the end it was Jersey Joe by unanimous decision, 116-111, 114-113, 116-111.

Joe Jeannette v. Charley Weinert: Sorry Charley, I had hope of an upset here, but it was not to be. Jeannette dominated the fight, with Weinert taking some serious hits. Weinert held on and managed to cut is opponent in the 9th and reopened in the 11th. The onslaught in the by Jeannette finished Weinert with two knockdown in the final round with Weinert corner throwing in the towel at 1:42.

Garden State Championship
Joe Jeannette v. Jersey Joe Walcott: Jeanette totally dominated this fight, yet could not finish off Jersey Joe. On the scorecards Jeannette had nine rounds and three too close to call. Walcott was down for a six count in the 9th and again in the 12th. Final numbers 120-108, 119-108 and 118-111 in favor of the Garden State Champion Joe Jeannette.
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