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Originally Posted by TDO View Post
I am new to what I assume is called text simulation gaming. I see a few out there and was intrigued by this one, also should i wait for version 12 to come out or buy version 11?
OOTP is the only one I have purchased.
The "Graphics Based" games (Madden, MLB The Show, etc.) were lacking for me. I always focused on the franchise modes and found them too easy. I found OOTP while looking for a football sim I could play online vs. other people. Somehow I found the online league I am in first, that took me to OOTP's site and things have never been the same. lol Hell my wife’s nickname for me came from my first W.S. Championship in the league. She came home and I was designing a Championship Ring to use as my avatar. I am pretty CPU illiterate so I had been at it for about 3 hours. The moniker "Champ" was born. lol
I still have not played on game in a solo league but I am enamored with our online league. Best $25 or 30 or 45 or whatever I pay each year I have spent on entertainment.
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