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Originally Posted by jmm8356 View Post
... unless the model in your mind does not conform to the model in the game (or vice versa)... In that case, the learning curve is a long, long slog.

... But it is an learning experience either way, so worry not!
no offense buddy, but if someone is a baseball fan and a baseball gamer then the transition to OOTP 11 or 123 is fairly easy, It still took me 3 months to figure out the things i wanted to know at 1st, while I see guys who claim to be baseball fans that gave up after a few days cuz they dont know how to read a manual, and were not given answers to ther ques on here or didnt know how to use those answers, with their lack of abiltiy & knowledge.
I owned 6.5 hardly played it played free 8 for 2 weeks before buying 11.
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