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Originally Posted by CONN CHRIS View Post
Maybe it isn't too crazy, with just under 300 plate appearances last year, he had 17 walks and 38 Ks. Could some serious work and intention reverse those? Maybe. That would put his OBP up around .350. At 32, I don't know if he can work his way into being a lead off guy. He probably just is what he is at this point, a good utility infielder.

Just thinking out loud and blathering - don't mind me.
What you got from him last year compare favorably to his career averages. His isolated power last year was a little bit better than his career marks. It would seem like a very unusual event if he was able to improve his 6.6% career walk percentage much at this point. Fine utility guy though and he hits some of the better pitchers in the league very well.
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